Fall Commencement 2017

Friday, December 8, 2017 - 3:30pm

The Fall Commencement Ceremony will be held in Trinity Chapel with a reception in Honsey Hall following the event.

Commencement Speaker

Dr. Robert C. Hanna is originally from the Village of Inverness, located northwest of Chicago in what was previously countryside beyond the suburbs. He holds degrees from Lake Forest College (B.A.), Northwestern University (M.M.), The College of William and Mary (Ed.S.), and The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Ph.D.). 

Prior to joining Bethany Lutheran College’s faculty in 2005, he was a member of St. Stephen Evangelical Lutheran Church (WELS) in Adrian, Michigan, and Chair of the Teacher Education Program at Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan.

Dr. Hanna prepared the College’s proposals for its first three Minnesota secondary licensure programs during 2005-06. Minnesota’s Department of Education reviewed and approved all three programs during 2006-07, and in 2007, Bethany began offering secondary licensure preparation for future art, English, and social studies teachers.

His areas of specialty include the English language and British literature, with emphasis on the works of Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare. He serves on the Editorial Board of Dickens Studies Annual.

Dr. Hanna has published the following books:

The Dickens Family Gospel (1998)

The Dickens Christian Reader (2000)

Dickens’s Nonfictional, Theatrical, and Poetical Writings: An Annotated Bibliography (2007)

Dickens’s Uncollected Magazine and Newspaper Sketches as Originally Composed and Published 1833-1836 (2012)

In addition, he has published the first complete collection of Charles Dickens’s juvenilia and early writings (1820-1833). He has also edited the first publication of the plays A Court Duel (1850) and The Storm at the Lighthouse (1855), both by Dickens’s friend and fellow novelist Wilkie Collins. He has most recently translated from French and edited the first English publication of the 1856 article “Contemporary Biographies: Charles Dickens” by literary critic and Anglophile Émile Forgues.

In 2015, the editor of the Evangelical Heritage Version of the New Testament and Psalms asked Dr. Hanna to serve as English stylist, reviewer, and proofreader, while this new translation was being prepared for its 2017 publication by Northwestern Publishing House, Milwaukee. In 2016, the editor of the Old Testament asked him to continue with the remaining books of the Bible, which work he completed earlier this year.

Dr. Hanna presently serves as the Humanities Division Chair, and he has previously served as the English Department Chair and the Faculty Chair. He is a member of St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church (WELS) in Mankato, where he presently serves as an Elder.

Dr. Hanna and his wife Lesley live in Mankato. They have two daughters, named after the Brontë sisters.