Deception, Suggestion and Influence: A Lutheran’s guide to navigating the truth in an entertainment culture

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - 7:00pm

Can deception exist even if the deceiver thinks that he/she is telling the truth?  Today it is more important than ever to identify and discuss the hidden deceptions and suggestions woven into the fabric of modern culture, that can instill false “truths” and beliefs.  We live in a world where mixed, or even covert, messages in popular entertainment are blitzed at us faster than we even know how to process them.  Join Pete Bloedel, Theatre Profesor, as he explores elements of dramatic/entertainment theory and practice, and identifies common elements that make “the power of suggestion” work.

This talk is part of the Psychology & Pop Culture Series.  The Psychology & Pop Culture Series is a monthly exploration of the interface between psychology and popular culture.