Deadline to Check Out of the Residence Halls

Friday, May 10, 2019 - 5:00pm
Residence Halls

Check Out Students may check out whenever they have completed finals and/or other campus commitments for the semester.  You will need to be checked out of your room by 5:00pm on May 10. Please note there is a fee for failing to check out with your RA by the deadline. 


Keys & Fob When you complete the check out process with your RA, you will turn in your keys. If you are not returning next year, you will also turn in your fob. If you are returning next year, you will keep your fob over the summer.


Bethany-Sponsored Groups On Campus after Graduation If you are part of a Bethany group that has commitments after 5pm on May 10 (commonly athletics and choir), you will receive specific instructions from your group leader and/or Residential Life staff. Generally, you will need to pack all your belongings, besides essentials, and place them in the corner of your room so that so that all that remains when you return from your trip is moving your belongings to your vehicle. You must check out with your RA before you leave for your trip or before 5:00pm on May 10, whichever is earlier.  


Questions Please direct questions to your RA or RHC or contact Renee Tatge, Coor. of Residential Life at or 507-344-7826.