C.I.D.R. Poetry Slam

Thursday, February 28, 2019 - 7:00pm
The Lab Coffee Shop

The Center for Intercultural Development and Resources (C.I.D.R.) presents a Poetry/Spoken Word Slam in The Lab coffee shop (in Luther Hall 105) as part of CIDR's celebration of African American contributions to American society this month.  We are looking for students, faculty, and staff to submit poetry, prose, lyrics, etc. that speak to themes of culture, diversity, understanding people who are different from yourself, etc., that can be performed on stage.  Original works and others' works that you appreciate are acceptable.  If you want to submit a work, but don't want to perform it, C.I.D.R. will find someone to perform the piece, so don't let stage fright discourage you from contributing a piece.

If you wish to contribute and/or perform, contact Hannah Bockoven (hannah.bockoven@blc.edu) or Jonathan Stadler (jonathan.stadler@blc.edu) by February 27th.  If you are looking for inspiration, you can go to CIDR's Facebook page, choose one of the quotes that CIDR has posted in the month of February, and write a poem or prose, using that quote as inspiration.