Professional Speakers Series

Sponsored by the English department and the Bethany Sigma Tau Delta chapter, Alpha Rho Tau, the Professional Speakers Series features speakers from the community who work in for-profit and non-profit professions that value the background and skills the English major at Bethany provides. Often, the professions represented in the speakers series are commonly associated with the discipline of English—writers, editors, publishers, librarians, teachers. However, professionals with undergraduate degrees in English who work in other fields are also featured—corporations and organizations, for and not-for profit, wherein the analytical skills and the facility with language that the English major stresses are necessary.

The speakers provide students with an inside look at their respective professions and offer advice about how to best prepare for and market oneself for entry into the job-market.

Recent Speakers Include:

Angie Johnson and Rachel Hanel: Freelance Writing

Nick Healy: Head Editor at Capstone Publishing

Gina Kammer: Journalism and Newspaper Editor

Emily Hanna: Archivist and Research Librarian

Rae Gleason: Software and Quality Assurance at Epic Software

Ethan Bartlett: Applying to Graduate School

Literature Beyond the Classroom Speaker Series

Also sponsored by the English department and Bethany's Sigma Tau Delta chapter, Alpha Rho Tau, this speaking event series offers a forum for Bethany faculty and students to present their creative and research interests in addition to and beyond the specific concerns of the writing and literature classes at Bethany.

Recent Speakers Include:

  • "Dining with Dickens" by Dr. Robert Hanna on Charles Dickens' travels to America.
  • "Her Soul's Society: Intruding on a Poet's Life" by Professor Ramona Czer on the impact of family and friends on the poetry of Emily Dickinson.
  • "Strategies for Reading in a Digital Age: How 'Canonical' Literature Enhances the Consumption of New Media" by Dr. Lars Johnson.

Social Events:

In addition to the Speakers Series ("Professional" and "Literature Beyond the Classroom") the Bethany Sigma Tau Delta chapter, Alpha Rho Tau, also hosts events designed to "promote interest in literature and the English language in surrounding communities [and] foster all aspects of the discipline of English . . ."), like . . .

  • An annual social/informational for students interested in ENGL and/or STD membership.
  • Holiday parties and get-togethers for members of STD/ART.
  • Particpation in Writing and/or Literary Workshops, like "Writing for the Web," sponsored by The Loft Literary Center.
  • Travel to and participation in the STD international conference.
  • Fellowship and informational events like "Movie/Pizza" night, featuring the film Dead Poets Society and a "barbaric yawp" contest.