A Conversation And Reading With...

Organized and hosted by Bethany's literary magazine, Inkwell, the Conversation And Reading With... series brings published authors to Bethany's campus to discuss and answer questions about their experiences and writing processes, as well as give readings from recent works. All students at Bethany are invited to attend these events to gain knowledge from a leading author in Minnesota. The speakers provide students with an inside look at their profession and offer advice about how best to prepare for entry into the job market.


Candance Black, MSU English Professor

Michael Torres, Author

Nicholas Kaminsky, BLC History Professor

Geoffrey Herbach, MSU English Professor, Screenwriter

21-Day Writing Challenge

Also organized by Inkwell is a writing challenge open to all students. The writing challenge takes place every fall, and offers a prize to any students who complete 21 days of writing. Prompts for writing are given out every day, but students are not required to follow the prompt. All students have to do is write at least 400 words every day and submit it to Inkwell via email. The writing can take place in any genre, including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

More information about the 21-Day Writing Challenge can be found here:

Sessions With Scholars

Hosted by the Ada Stokes Writing Center, Sessions with Scholars is a platform designed to promote writing across the curriculum and to give faculty members an opportunity to share what they studied in graduate school, the kinds of writing they completed (thesis/dissertation/creative works), what it was like to write and defend a thesis and/or dissertation, what they are writing now, and to encourage students to continue writing.


Dr. Jason Lowrey, ghostwriting for Financial Broadcaster Dave Ramsey