Major Requirements

Bethany's English major emphasizes reading, writing, and interpretive skills. As a student in this program you will encounter a wide array of literature. Through hours of discussion and analysis you will become capable of interpreting texts and building important research and critical thinking skills. You'll learn to recognize what is relevant and summarize that information for the use of others. Most importantly, you'll come to appreciate a more complex and expansive view of the way literature reveals humankind's nature, especially from the Christian perspective.

Bethany’s English major prepares you for graduate studies and careers in writing, editing, journalism, publishing, and others. Our graduates demonstrate superior comprehension, decision making, research, and writing skills that are highly valued by employers and are also suited for careers in the fields of marketing, public relations, management, and business administration.

Entry into the Major

In order to major in English, students must first meet the prerequisites of passing the following courses with at least a “C” (students in the Minnesota Teaching Licensure track must pass ENGL110 with at least a “C+”):

Note: ENGL200 Introduction to Literary Studies is not waived for English majors who transfer in an equivalent course.

Literary Studies Track


Three of the following:

One of the following:

Major Electives for Literary Studies Track

Three of the following not already taken above, with a maximum of one course at the 200 level:

Required Minor or Concentration for Literary Studies Track

English majors in the literary studies track must also fulfill the requirements for a minor or a concentration (excluding an English minor and an English concentration). This requirement does not apply to students who (1) major in the English multimediawriting track, (2) major in the Minnesota Teaching Licensure track, or (3) complete a second major in another approved academic discipline.

Multimedia-Writing Track

Students pursuing the multimedia-writing track are required to take the following courses (a minor or concentration is not required):

One of the following:

Three of the following:

Two of the following:

Note: Students in the Multimedia-Writing track also create and develop a cumulative portfolio.

Major Electives for the Multimedia-Writing Track

Two of the following not already taken above:

Minnesota Teaching Licensure Track

Students who seek state licensure for secondary level (grades 5–12) teaching of communication arts and literature are required to consult an academic advisor in both the English and Education Departments. Minnesota Teaching Licensure track students are required to take the following courses and earn at least a C+ in those designated with an asterisk (a minor or concentration is not required):

Additional requirements for all students completing the English major’s Minnesota Teaching Licensure track at Bethany Lutheran College:

  • Maintain 2.75 GPA
  • Pass the following Minnesota Teacher Licensure Exams:
    • NES: Basic Skills Assessments in Reading, Writing and Mathematics
    • MTLE: Either Pedegogy K-6 or 5-12
    • MTLE: Subject matter/content 5-12 English
  • Complete the Human Relations/Diversity Component
  • Complete all courses required for Minnesota State Licensure
  • Satisfactory completion of Teaching Internships and Seminar
  • Satisfactory completion of STEEP and Professional Portfolio

Note: An appeals process is outlined in the Education Department’s Elementary and Secondary Education Handbook. According to Minnesota Statute 122A.09 Subdivision4(c), a candidate who remains unsatisfied with a dispute regarding recommendation for licensure may appeal the decision to the Minnesota Board of Teaching.


Bethany Lutheran College Education Programs are accredited by the Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB).