Engineering Major (dual degree)

In this program, students typically spend three years at Bethany fulfilling a broad spectrum of science and pre-engineering courses along with general education requirements. Students then transfer to the University of Minnesota for engineering-specific coursework in any of over a dozen disciplines−usually requiring two more years. Students receive a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the U of M and a bachelor of arts in the physical sciences from Bethany. Read more.

Engineering Areas
• Aerospace
• Chemical
• Geological
• Bio-based products
• Civil
• Industrial and systems
• Biomedical
• Computer
• Materials science
• Biosystems and
• Electrical
• Mechanical

Program Advantages

Small class sizes. Our pre-engineering courses traditionally have approximately 20 students. This gives our students the opportunity to take advantage of the personal attention professors can only give with small classes.
Guaranteed placement: Our students are guaranteed placement in their engineering program at the U of M, given that they satisfy the degree and minimum GPA requirements.
The best of both worlds: At Bethany, students can learn in a personalized environment, study science from a Christian perspective, and participate in extracurriculars. At the
U of M, students continue to establish professional connections and have access to a wealth of resources for coursework, research, and professional development.
Successful outcomes: Our dual-degree graduates find careers they're passionate about.
Industry connections: Opportunities to connect with and learn from engineering professionals begin with student organizations, seminars, and internships at Bethany and continue with career fairs, networking events, seminars, and internships at the U of M.

Student Profiles

“Physics at Bethany is definitely involved. I spend a lot more time than my non-engineering friends do on homework and projects, but when you have it finished—your design, your car, your boat—there's an immense feeling of satisfaction.”
- Jason Madsen

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Alumni profiles

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Kristian Botten ('11) • Engineering (dual degree)
Estimator and Engineer in training at Mathiowetz Construction Company

David Hicke ('10) • Engineering (dual degree)
Off-road vehicle systems engineer at Polaris Industries

Seth Hueckman ('07) • Engineering (dual degree)
Engineer at Barr Engineering Company