Education That Lasts Beyond A Lifetime

"Education That Lasts Beyond A Lifetime."

Have you thought about what that means? The tagline wasn't chosen because it passed a focus group or because it just had a nice sound; it was chosen because it expresses a lot of truth about a Bethany education.

We live in a world that is characterized by imperfection, by things that don't last. It's expected that in our lifetime, most of us will not only work for several different companies, but may pursue several different careers. Some talk about "yesterday's values" as though whatever was important yesterday is no longer important today. So often truth is considered something that is not absolute, but relative, that there's nothing that can be true at all times and in all places. We live in a world in which human beings are considered the mere product of time plus matter and chance. It is a world where human life under certain circumstances is expendable, and where death is viewed to be the end of all things for a human being.

The education that Bethany provides, however, is different. Bethany recognizes that there are certain enduring truths that were known by our forefathers, and will be valuable to our children and their children long beyond our lifetime. These include an understanding of the nature of human beings, an understanding of the lessons of history, the context in which the sciences are taught and understood and above all, an understanding of the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ. More than anything else, it is this Gospel of Christ that lasts beyond a lifetime, this Gospel that is an integral part of a Bethany education.

The Apostle Paul talked about three things that are part of a Christian life, and he says, "Now these three things abide, faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love." The point Paul was making is that during this life it is very important that we rely on faith. We see, by faith, things that we cannot see with our eyes and we know, by faith, things that we cannot observe. When this life is over, however, we no longer have any need for faith because we experience truth itself and the fulfillment of all of God's promises. Paul also pointed out that hope is important in life. As we travel through this vale of tears, we hope for the elimination of the troubles that we face and the fulfillment of our dreams. We hope to obtain a measure of joy. But hope does not endure beyond a lifetime, for the time comes when all hopes are fulfilled. The thing that does last beyond a lifetime, however, is love. For it is the ageless and infinite love of God for us that is with us in this life, and it's that same love, ageless and enduring, that will be the source of all our heavenly joys.

Surely Bethany offers "Education That Lasts Beyond A Lifetime."

From the Fall 2002 Bethany Report
Rev. Ed Bryant, Lombard, Illinois