THTR - Theatre Courses

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THTR 100
1.00 cr.
Theatre Practicum I

Credit granted to students submitting at least 30 hours toward a theatrical production. The instructor determines the allotment of credit gauged by the responsibility of the role the student is undertaking. May not be taken in conjunction with other theatre practica. Offered on a credit/no credit basis. May be repeated in the following areas: (a) acting or (b) technical theatre. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

THTR 101
3.00 cr.
Introduction to Theatre

A class designed to acquaint students with the theatre arts. Play and text readings, the viewing of live performances, critical writing assignments, and group discussion will be utilized to enhance understanding and appreciation for the art as a whole.

THTR 102
3.00 cr.
Acting I

A rudimentary acting course, defining and exercising the actor's tools of expression within the body and voice. These tools are then applied to character structuring through improvisational script analysis and scene work.

THTR 105
3.00 cr.
Stage Craft

An introductory course in contemporary staging techniques. This course contains units on aesthetics, tools and safety, basic design, scene painting, lighting, construction materials and building techniques.

THTR 210
3.00 cr.
Directing I

A fundamental exploration in the theory and practice of directing theatre, culminating in the production of scenes from dramatic literature. Prerequisites: THTR101, THTR102, and THTR105 or consent of instructor.

THTR 215
3.00 cr.
Rudiments of Theatrical Design

Acquaints students with the rudiments of theatrical design. Students will use various materials and media, and will explore two- and three-dimensional rendering techniques, in order to conceptualize the design elements of dramatic works. Prerequisite: THTR101 or THTR105 or consent of instructor.

THTR 240
3.00 cr.
Oral Interpretation

An introduction to performance that focuses primarily on the human voice. This course deals with the vocal performance of various kinds of literature, including poetry and prose, and emphasizes the implementation of textual analysis in order to make performance choices. Basic anatomy of the vocal mechanism and proper techniques for its use is covered.

THTR 280
3.00 cr.
Intermediate Topics in Theatre Arts

An examination of various lower-level topics in theatre. Specific topics will be announced. Possible examples could be a costume construction class or a theatrical make-up class.

THTR 300
1.00 cr.
Theatre Practicum II

The 300 series practica will be taken for a grade and will be repeatable for up to eight credits. These practica allow the qualified student the opportunity to apply the techniques they have learned toward an actual stage production. Journaling and an extra writing component will be expected. Areas include acting, stage management, light design, scene/prop design, sound design, costume design, and technical theatre. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor required.

THTR 302
3.00 cr.
Acting II

An examination of various theories on the art of acting in conjunction with applied character development work. Prerequisite: THTR102.

THTR 310
3.00 cr.
Theatre History and Literature I

An historical overview of theatrical activity and plays from its origins to the 1600's. The course will trace developments or changes in practice and major trends and movements that shaped the art through time. Close readings of dramatic literature and study of the contributions of individual theatre artists will supplement the scope of the course. Prerequisite: THTR101.

THTR 311
3.00 cr.
Theatre History and Literature II

An historical overview of theatrical activity and plays from the 1600s to the present day. The course will trace developments or changes in practice as well as major trends that shaped theatre through time. Close readings of dramatic literature and study of the contributions of individual theatre artists will provide the supplement the scope of the course. Prerequisite: THTR101.

THTR 320
3.00 cr.
Scene Design

This class will emphasize the creative process as it is applied to creating physical spaces, and communicating meaning discovered in theatrical literature or other script material. Students will explore the craft of scenic rendering. This will include: creating multiple point perspective drawings, 2D color renderings, and building scale models for both theatre and the camera. Various tools and materials will be explored. Readings, research, practical exercises, the viewing of live performances, and critical writing assignments will be used to enhance the student's understanding of the role of design in the theatre and media arts.

THTR 330
3.00 cr.
Period Style

This course is an examination of the relationship between arts and culture during major periods in history. Visual and conceptual choices are explored as to the ways these relationships are used by directors and designers in the context of theatrical collaboration.

THTR 340
3.00 cr.
Stage Dialects

This course will concentrate on several of the most often needed dialects for the stage and thoroughly utilize the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).

THTR 360
3.00 cr.
Lighting Design

Lighting Design is an advanced technical theatre and media arts course studying the practices and techniques of stage lighting. The course focuses on identifying design elements and emphasizes the design process through classroom exercises and design projects.

THTR 380
3.00 cr.
Sound Design

An overview of how sound is designed, constructed, and implemented for theatre and media arts. This course includes both creative and technical/technological discussions. Prerequisites: THTR101, THTR215, or consent of instructor.

THTR 381
3.00 cr.
Advanced Design and Technical Seminar

An examination of various topics within technical theatre and design. Specific topics will be announced. Prerequisite: THTR215 or consent of instructor.

THTR 410
3.00 cr.
Directing II

An exploration of the challenges involved in directing non-realistic and period plays. Involves research and analysis of texts followed by an application of directing techniques. Culminates in a production at least one short scene. Prerequisite: THTR210.

THTR 420
3.00 cr.
Dramatic Theory and Criticism

The in-depth study of major writings on theatre and drama throughout the ages. This is a seminar class wherein the student will focus on analyzing varying perspectives of drama and theatre, and writing original criticism. Prerequisite: THTR101 or consent of instructor.

THTR 430
3.00 cr.

This course is an introduction to the art of playwriting. Students will explore a variety of play structures and techniques by utilizing various exercises and methods in their own writing, as well as observing the forms of existing plays, both written and performed. Techniques for fostering dramatic ideas in both form and content will be explored throughout the term. Student work will be read and performed in class. Prerequisites: THTR101, THTR102, or consent of instructor.

THTR 460
3.00 cr.
Theatre Management

A study of the particular challenges involved in the business of theatre. Includes an examination of the various expenses involved with the theatre art form as well as the means to provide capital to cover these expenses. Includes basic business practices. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

THTR 480
3.00 cr.
Topics in Theatre

An examination of various topics concerning the contemporary theatre artist. Specific topics to be announced. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

THTR 495
3.00 cr.
Senior Theatre Project

Involves the integration of the various facets of theatre arts into a culminating project. Objectives and goals established by the student and instructor. Deadlines established by the department. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

THTR 499
3.00 cr.
Theatre Internship

Theatre-related field experience with an approved agency fulfilling an individual learning contract negotiated between the student, faculty advisor, and worksite. Only three credits may apply toward fulfilling requirements for the major. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.