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PLSC 105
3.00 cr.
American Government

To introduce the student to the American system of government, and to foster an understanding of and appreciation for the Constitution of the United States. Review how federal institutions function and the management thereof, the role and function of the state, regional and local units of government and a glimpse of political campaigns and elections.

PLSC 106
3.00 cr.
World Politics

This course will introduce some of the basic concepts in the study of world politics. It is a survey course and assumes no prior knowledge or experience in the study of International Relations. The course is broken into three parts: Foundation of World Politics, Driving Forces in World Politics; and finally, Significant Issues in 21st Century World Politics.

PLSC 420
3.00 cr.
Constitution and Early Republic

This course explores the development, ratification, and legacy of the U.S. Constitution from 1787 through the 1820s. In both primary and secondary documents, students will explore American life under the Constitution with special attention to questions of religion, race, gender, and individual rights. (Cross-listed with HIST420.)