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MUSC 101
3.00 cr.
Music Fundamentals

Basic concepts of music theory: notation, scales, intervals, chords. No musical background necessary.

MUSC 102
3.00 cr.
Music Appreciation

Introduction to music as artistic expression. No musical background necessary.

MUSC 111
3.00 cr.
Music Theory I

Building a foundation of diatonic harmonic vocabulary. Introduction to part-writing. Students are encouraged to take MUSC114 concurrently. Prerequisite: MUSC101 or satisfactory performance of Music Theory entrance exam.

MUSC 112
3.00 cr.
Music Theory II

Continuation of MUSC111. Melodic analysis and reduction. Students are encouraged to take MUSC115 concurrently.

MUSC 114
2.00 cr.
Music Skills I

Ear training, sight singing, keyboard harmony, and beginning guitar. Melodic and rhythmic dictation. Students are encouraged to take MUSC111 concurrently. Prerequisite: MUSC101 or satisfactory performance on the Music Theory entrance exam.

MUSC 115
2.00 cr.
Music Skills II

Continuation of MUSC114. Sight reading, and melodic and rhythmic dictation. Keyboard performance of harmonic progressions. Introduction to figured bass. Students are encouraged to take MUSC112 concurrently.

MUSC 121
3.00 cr.
Music History I

Study of repertoire of major styles and composers. Middle Ages through the Baroque era.

MUSC 122
3.00 cr.
Music History II

Study of repertoire of major styles and composers. Classical era into the 21st century.

MUSC 125
0.00 cr.
MUSC 130
1.00 cr.
Concert Choir
MUSC 132
0.00 cr.
Mary Martha Singers
MUSC 133
0.00 cr.
Chamber Choir
MUSC 135
1.00 cr.
Concert Band
MUSC 140
0.00 cr.
MUSC 152
0.00 cr.
Chamber Orchestra
MUSC 153
0.00 cr.
Chapel Brass
MUSC 154
0.00 cr.
MUSC 155
0.00 cr.
Jazz Ensemble
MUSC 161
1.00 cr.
Introduction to Conducting

Introduction to basic conducting patterns and problems. Student will demonstrate leadership gestures and conduct a small group in folk melodies, hymntunes and chorales in duple and triple schemes. Preparatory beat anacrusis, the fermata and release will also be practiced.

MUSC 181
1.00 cr.
ELS Certification Piano

Private 30-minute lessons. Development of keyboard skills for the elementary classrooms of the schools in the Evangelical Lutheran Synod, emphasizing basic keyboard proficiency leading to the performance of folk song, hymnody and the music of the Lutheran liturgy. Prerequisite: Consent of education department.

MUSC 190
1.00 cr.
Instruction I

Private 30-minute lessons. Additional fees required.

MUSC 205
2.00 cr.
Hymnody and Liturgics

History and development of liturgical practices and hymnody. Emphasis on the Lutheran chorale, and the reformation of the liturgy. May substitute for religious studies credit for students who have completed RELG110 and RELG111.

MUSC 211
3.00 cr.
Music Theory III

Continuation of MUSC112. Emphasis on analysis. Study of fugue and classical forms. Part writing. Students are encouraged to take MUSC214 concurrently.

MUSC 212
3.00 cr.
Music Theory IV

Continuation of MUSC211. Analysis of music from the 19th into the 21st century. Expansion of harmonic vocabulary. Students are encouraged to take MUSC215 concurrently.

MUSC 214
2.00 cr.
Music Skills III

Continuation of MUSC115. Chord progressions to include modulations. Keyboard realization of modulations. Students are encouraged to take MUSC211 concurrently.

MUSC 215
2.00 cr.
Music Skills IV

Continuation of MUSC214. Reading of open choral and instrumental scores at the keyboard, and figured bass. Students are encouraged to take MUSC212 concurrently.

MUSC 261
3.00 cr.
Choral Conducting

Techniques and rehearsal procedures. Repertoire and its historical place in liturgy, especially as it applies to the Lutheran tradition. Prerequisite: MUSC101 or MUSC111.

MUSC 262
3.00 cr.
Instrumental Conducting

The craft and tradition of instrumental conducting is explored through the study of preparatory skills, pedagogical concepts, posture, beat patterns, "stick" technique, and an introduction to band and orchestral repertory. Prerequisite: MUSC161.

MUSC 290
2.00 cr.
Instruction II

Private 60-minute lessons. Prerequisites: two semesters of MUSC190 and consent of instructor. Additional fees required.

MUSC 303
3.00 cr.
Music Communication and Technology

Development of skills in the use of electronic and computer-generated materials and equipment. Music composition, arranging, and publishing.

MUSC 307
2.00 cr.
Survey of Organ History and Literature

Broad historical survey of organ music, writings on organ music, and organ design.

MUSC 309
2.00 cr.
Service Playing and Repertoire

Practical skills for the worship service. Varied hymn accompaniment. Vocal and instrumental accompaniment. Building a repertoire. Prerequisite: MUSC190 or consent of instructor.

MUSC 317
2.00 cr.
Piano Literature

A survey of piano composers and compositions from 1830 to the present.

MUSC 335
3.00 cr.
Music Theatre

A survey of the musical theatre, including history, repertory, form and style. From Gilbert and Sullivan to the present.

MUSC 340
3.00 cr.
Survey of World Dance

A study of dance through form, style and rhetoric in various cultures. Prerequisite: MUSC101 or MUSC111 or consent of instructor.

MUSC 341
3.00 cr.
Music of the Renaissance and Baroque

Examination of forms, composers, and musical ideals of Western music from 1450-1650. Prerequisites: MUSC121 and MUSC122.

MUSC 342
3.00 cr.
Music of the Baroque and Classic Era

Examination of the music of the high Baroque through the Classic era from 1650-1800. Prerequisites: MUSC121 and MUSC122.

MUSC 343
3.00 cr.
Music of the 19th Century

Examination of forms, styles, and musical ideals of Romantic composers. Prerequisites: MUSC121 and MUSC122.

MUSC 344
3.00 cr.
Music of the 20th Century

Beginning with Impressionism and Expressionism the course will explore music produced in the last 100 years. Recommended: MUSC111, MUSC112, MUSC121, MUSC122.

MUSC 371
1.00 cr.
Piano Pedagogy

Introduction to the teaching of piano. Students in the course will study various approaches to piano instruction as well as methods and repertoire.

MUSC 372
1.00 cr.
Organ Pedagogy

Through the study of a variety of organ method books the student will learn a manner of teaching appropriate for the student at hand. In addition, methods of teaching repertoire will be introduced, as well as how to develop an organ studio. Prerequisites: MUSC190 and consent of instructor.

MUSC 373
1.00 cr.
Vocal Pedagogy

Introduction to teaching of voice. Students will study various approaches to vocal instruction as well as methods and repertoire. Prerequisite: MUSC190A or consent of instructor.

MUSC 390
1.00 cr.
Instruction III

Private 30-minute lessons. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Additional fees required.

MUSC 400
3.00 cr.
Church Music Practicum

For church music majors. Supervised practicum in the parish. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

MUSC 417
3.00 cr.
Counterpoint and Composition

Study of strict species counterpoint. Analysis of 17th and 18th century counterpoint. Application of the contrapuntal practices relative to current composition. Prerequisite: MUSC212.

MUSC 418
3.00 cr.
Analysis and Composition

Principles of composition and arranging. Analysis of significant styles and forms. Prerequisite: MUSC212.

MUSC 435
3.00 cr.
Opera and Lyric Theatre

A study of opera from the Florentine Camerata through Broadway Lyric Theatre. Form and Style. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

MUSC 440
3.00 cr.
World Music

Introduction to non-Western music of a diversity of cultures. Prerequisites: MUSC101 or MUSC111 and consent of instructor.

MUSC 475
1.00 cr.

Performance for students enrolled in private music lessons; program planned and directed by student and recital instructor. May be capstone for music major emphases. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

MUSC 480
3.00 cr.
Topics in Music

Course content varies. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

MUSC 489
3.00 cr.
International Study Tour

Course allows the student to travel to a specific country, selected by the professor, and covers various aspects of the selected country or geographical area.

MUSC 490
2.00 cr.
Instruction IV

Private 60-minute lessons. For students preparing for recital. Prerequisites: two semesters of MUSC290 and consent of instructor, recital. Additional fees required.

MUSC 495
3.00 cr.
Senior Seminar Music

Capstone project for students majoring in music. Project is coordinated with faculty advisor.

MUSC 499
3.00 cr.
Music Internship

Music-related field experience with an approved agency fulfilling an individual learning contract negotiated between student, faculty advisor, and worksite. Music majors only. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.