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MART 197
3.00 cr.
Audio Video Production Basics

Students receive instruction and hands-on experience with equipment for audio and video production. This introductory course emphasizes working within the various production phases utilizing widely available technologies.

MART 290
3.00 cr.
Introduction to Animation

While exploring the unique communication potentials of animated video, students practice various animation forms and techniques, including digital animation, narrative drawn animation, stop-motion animation, and experimental animation. Viewings and criticism of relative works from the field will accompany the production work.

MART 295
3.00 cr.
Introduction to Broadcast Media

An introductory course designed to familiarize students with the theoretical and technical fundamentals associated with the production of broadcast television.

MART 297
3.00 cr.
Audio/Video Production

Students learn and practice camera techniques, lighting schemes, audio design, and interviewing and writing skills in the process of scripting and creating media productions in the Bethany studio and field. Additional fees may be required.

MART 397
3.00 cr.
Advanced Audio/Video Production

An advanced version of MART297 with expanded requirements for students with extensive production backgrounds.

MART 430
3.00 cr.
Motion Graphic Design

This course introduces fundamental concepts for motion graphics, including graphics and promos for television, film titles and advertising. Design presentation and development, screen composition, graphic transitions, and content are emphasized. Students are expected to have strong understanding of design and motion theory prior to this course. Prerequisites: MART295 or MART297, and ARTS330.

MART 435
3.00 cr.
Motion Graphics 2

This course covers advanced techniques for both 2D and 3D motion graphics. Sutdents utilize the elements and principles of design and animation to visualize and execute motion media for network branding, advertising, fine art, and other purposes. The course includes storyboarding, kinectic typography, compositing, and alternative techniques. Prerequisite: MART430.

MART 465
3.00 cr.
Editing for Film and Video

Media production theory and practice with an emphasis on post-production. Students write, produce, edit, and prepare for distribution an audio/video production using non-linear editing technology.

MART 475
3.00 cr.
Avant Garde/Experimental Film

Students will explore the groundbreaking and uncommon film and video experiments from the past century. This exposure to both contemporary video art and historic film artifacts will inform the student's hands-on experiments and projects. Special consideration is given to the theoretical context in which these historic films were created.

MART 480
3.00 cr.
Topics in Media Art

Students examine a variety of special media topics that emerge from the issues of the day, the expertise of the instructor, and the special interests of students.

MART 496
2.00 cr.
Media Arts Capstone I

Media Arts fall-semester capstone senior project.

MART 497
2.00 cr.
Media Arts Capstone II - Capstone Exhibition

This course is a spring-semester continuation of MART496 and is intended to prepare the student for the public exhibition of their capstone project. Prerequisite: MART496

MART 499
4.00 cr.
Media Arts Internship

Media-related field experience with an approved agency fulfilling an individual learning contract negotiated with student, faculty advisor, and worksite. An internship (1-4 credits) is strongly recommended for all students majoring in Media Arts. Media Art majors only, by consent of instructor.