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HLTH 103
3.00 cr.
Healthful Living

A multidimensional approach to the study of basic lifestyle choices. Designed to encourage and activate self-responsibility through knowledge gained with regard to issues affecting body, mind, and spirit.

HLTH 201
3.00 cr.

The scientific study of nutritional needs throughout the life span; includes interaction and function of nutrients in metabolic processes and examines dietary choices related to behavior and health.

HLTH 206
3.00 cr.
Advanced First Aid

This course will provide the knowledge and skills necessary to help sustain life, reduce pain, and minimize the consequences of sudden illness or injury in emergency situations. Each student will be trained in First Aid/CPR and upon successful completion of the course will receive certification. Additional fees required.

HLTH 240
3.00 cr.
Current Health Issues

Explores recent and relevant concerns and controversies in the area of health. This course is designed to encourage critical thought and analysis of current health issues. Presents up-to-date opposing views on sensitive and complex issues from a Christian, social, cultural, and research-based perspective.

HLTH 260
3.00 cr.
Foundations of Health Education

Provides a common foundation for health education and promotion. The course explores historical, philosophical and behavioral perspectives along with skills, competencies and knowledge of health educators in various settings.

HLTH 311
3.00 cr.
Drug Education

This course examines drug use from the historical, psychosocial, pharmacological, cultural, legal, and Christian perspective. Explores addiction as a medical and biological disorder of the brain and describes the effect of drug use and abuse on children and families.

HLTH 330
3.00 cr.
History and Philosophy of Wellness

Introduces the holistic wellness concept examined within a Christian perspective. Main themes include the creation of positive health, health theory, wellness when challenged, and the benefits of both traditional and complementary medicine. A personal philosophy of wellness will be developed by examining the balancing nature of spiritual, mental, physical, occupational, intellectual and social health.

HLTH 444
3.00 cr.
Methods of Teaching Health Education

This course is required for students who seek state licensure for grades 5-12 teaching of Health within the Exercise Science major. Students must first meet all requirements for "Entry into the Education Major". They also must meet all requirements for the Exercise Science "Entry into the Major". This course contains a field experience component and must precede enrollment in EDUC495/497 Teaching Internships and Seminars.

HLTH 470
3.00 cr.
Introduction to Diseases and Disorders

An introduction to the pathology, etiology, symptomology, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of the many human diseases and disorders. Prerequisites: BIOL221 and BIOL222.