COMS - Computer Science Courses

COMS 101
1.00 cr.
Computer Applications I

Applications course focused on basic computing concepts and developing competency using microcomputer software in the following areas: word processing, e-mail, file management internet searching, basic graphics, and scanning.

COMS 103
3.00 cr.
Introduction to Programming I

Introductory course for computer science majors and minors in programming using a high-level language. The emphasis is on problem solving, designing, writing, and executing structured programs.

COMS 104
3.00 cr.
Introduction to Programming II

A continuation of COMS103. Advanced programming topics include searching, sorting, data structures, and object-oriented concepts. Prerequisite: COMS103.

COMS 320
3.00 cr.
Data Communications

Introduction to network technology and design issues students may encounter as information systems professionals. Topics include fundamentals of data transmission, hardware, network topology, and protocols. Prerequisite: COMS103.