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CHEM 100
4.00 cr.
Descriptive Chemistry and Lab

Intended for the non-science major. Covers basic chemical principles and their applications in society. The course will provide students with a basic academic and intellectual understanding of the chemical principles and terminology that they will encounter in their daily lives. Three lectures and one two-hour lab each week.

CHEM 105
4.00 cr.
The Chemistry of Art and Lab

This is a liberal arts general education chemistry course that uses the studio arts to present a variety of concepts in chemistry. Lab and lecture are used to present and study chemical phenomena associated with various areas of art. Three lectures and one two-hour lab each week.

CHEM 107
5.00 cr.
General, Organic and Biochemistry and Lab

A survey of chemical topics for students majoring in elementary education and pre-allied health sciences. This course covers general chemical principles, names, reactions and properties of organic compounds, and general biochemical topics needed for biology, microbiology, physiology, and other advanced topics. Four lectures and one lab per week.

CHEM 113
5.00 cr.
General Chemistry I and Lab

An in-depth introduction to the principles of chemistry intended for students in the physical sciences, pre-medical, pre-engineering and related fields. Topics include atomic structure, periodicity, nomenclature, stoichiometry and bonding. Five lectures and one three-hour lab each week. Prerequisite: Concurrent registration in MATH111 or MATH151. High school chemistry is strongly recommended.

CHEM 114
5.00 cr.
General Chemistry II and Lab

A continuation of CHEM113. Covers advanced chemical principles including intermolecular forces, kinetics, equilibrium, thermodynamics, electrochemistry and nuclear chemistry. Five lectures and one three-hour lab each week. Prerequisite: CHEM113.

CHEM 215
4.00 cr.
Organic Chemistry I and Lab

This course begins a full-year study of organic chemistry that focuses on synthesis, structure, nomenclature and properties of organic compounds. Spectroscopic methods for identification of compounds are introduced and used throughout the course. Three lectures and one three-hour lab each week. Prerequisite: CHEM114.

CHEM 216
4.00 cr.
Organic Chemistry II and Lab

A continuation of CHEM215. Advanced topics in organic synthesis, multi-step syntheses and advanced spectroscopic methods are covered. Three lectures and one three-hour lab each week. Prerequisite: CHEM215.

CHEM 301
1.00 cr.
Introduction to Environmental Management

A survey of the major governmental agencies and laws that govern the use of chemicals in the environment and consumer products. The course will cover management responsibilities, technical and legal aspects of environmental management, and practical guidance on when and how to request permits. Prerequisite: At least one year of college chemistry or consent of instructor.

CHEM 313
4.00 cr.
Analytical Chemistry and Lab

An introduction to the theories, chemical methods, and instrumental techniques for solving a variety of real problems in chemical analysis. This course includes statistical methods for evaluating and interpreting data, experimental design, theory of electronic instruments, and exposure to computer based data acquisition systems. Three lectures and one three-hour lab each week. Prerequisite: CHEM114 or consent of instructor.

CHEM 314
4.00 cr.
Inorganic Chemistry and Lab

Descriptive chemistry of the elements and an introduction to structure, bonding, and reactivity in covalent molecular substances, main group elements, transition elements, coordination compounds, and organometallic compounds. Three lectures and one three-hour lab each week. Prerequisites: CHEM114 or CHEM216 and consent of instructor.

CHEM 323
4.00 cr.
General Biochemistry and Lab

Introduction to structure and function of biomolecules, metabolism and bioenergetics, and biological information flow, as well as biochemical laboratory methods. Three lectures and one three-hour lab each week. Prerequisite: CHEM216.

CHEM 324
4.00 cr.
Advanced Biochemistry and Lab

An advanced study of biochemistry with an added emphasis on structure elucidation, genetic information, metabolic regulation and biotechnology. Three lectures and one three-hour lab each week. Prerequisite: CHEM323.

CHEM 353
4.00 cr.
Physical Chemistry I and Lab

A calculus-based introduction to physical methods in chemistry. Topics include gas laws, thermodynamics and equilibria, electrochemistry, kinetic theory and kinetics. Three lectures and one three-hour lab each week. Prerequisites: CHEM216 and PHYS214.

CHEM 354
4.00 cr.
Physical Chemistry II and Lab

A continuation of CHEM353 focusing on quantum phenomena, spectroscopy, and statistical thermodynamics. Three lectures and one three-hour lab each week. Prerequisite: CHEM353.

CHEM 401
1.00 cr.
Chemical Information

An introduction to resources and methods used to search the chemical literature. Topics include chemical abstracts, CASonline, citation indices, Beilstein, the patent literature, and government publication (CFR, STIS, NTIS). Students who are engaged in research will be required to take this course. Prerequisite: CHEM215.

CHEM 405
3.00 cr.
Advanced Organic Chemistry

Focuses on both physical organic chemistry and the reactions and synthesis of organic chemistry as they apply to the synthesis of complex organic molecules. Both areas are related, and special attention will be given to how the physical properties affect the chemical properties of organic molecules. Prerequisites: CHEM215 and CHEM216.

CHEM 418
3.00 cr.

Organometallic chemistry describes the chemistry compounds that contain a metal-carbon bond. In this course the student will be introduced to electron configurations in inorganic complexes (the 18-electron rule), types of o-bonded complexes typical of organometallic compounds, ligands used to modify the reactivity of metals, reaction mechanisms, pi-bonded complexes, catalysis, and physical methods of analysis. Prerequisite: CHEM314

CHEM 480
3.00 cr.
Topics in Chemistry and Lab

Selected topics offered on a rotating basis. Course topics will include advanced organic synthesis, advanced inorganic chemistry, instrumental methods of analysis, spectroscopic methods, etc. Course may be repeated for credit with different topics; may include a laboratory period.

CHEM 495
1.00 cr.
Chemistry Seminar

Students prepare and present a seminar detailing the results of their chemical research or on a review of literature on a topic agreed upon with the instructor. It is expected that this course is a logical extension and conclusion to the student's research experience and provides valuable practical experience preparing and presenting information in a professional manner. Required for all students who engage in research in lieu of coursework electives.

CHEM 497
1.00 cr.
Research Arranged

Independent research under the guidance of faculty member, culminating in a senior thesis, research seminar, etc. Summer research programs may be able to count for CHEM497 credit. Prerequisites: CHEM215 and consent of instructor.

CHEM 499
1.00 cr.
Chemistry Internship

Chemistry related field experience with an approved agency fulfilling an individual learning contract negotiated between student, faculty advisor, and worksite. Chemistry majors only. By permission only.