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ARTS 101
3.00 cr.
Introduction to Art

Introductory study of the techniques, philosophy, history, and vocabulary of the visual arts. Lecture and hands-on studio exercises leading to the development of skills in creative thinking, visual communication, and technique. Not intended for art majors.

ARTS 102
3.00 cr.
2D Design

Foundation level course that explores the elements and principles of design and their application across artistic disciplines; drawing, painting, photography, media and design. Emphasis will be placed on discovering creative solutions to visual problems in two dimensions.

ARTS 105
3.00 cr.
Art History I Prehistory to the Gothic Period

Survey of man's contribution to the visual arts in Western Civilization from pre-history to the Renaissance. Aesthetic and philosophical background stressed.

ARTS 106
3.00 cr.
Art History II Renaissance to Realism

Survey of man's contribution to the visual arts in Western Civilization from Renaissance to Realism.

ARTS 107
3.00 cr.
Art History III Impressionism to Contemporary

Survey of man's contribution to the visual arts in Western Civilization from Impressionism to Contemporary.

ARTS 110
3.00 cr.
Drawing I

Introduction to visual expression in traditional drawing skills and materials. Emphasis on perception and development of imagery.

ARTS 113
3.00 cr.
Photography I and Lab

Introduction to photography. Introduction to technical, conceptual and historical aspects of still imagery through digital technology. A thorough understanding of digital editing software will be achieved.

ARTS 114
3.00 cr.
Painting I

Introduction to traditional oil painting techniques. Emphasis on perception with development in design, color, form and content.

ARTS 115
3.00 cr.
Ceramics I

This course is a beginning level ceramics course that is designed to introduce clay as an art material and to teach the technical and aesthetic skills needed to create ceramic objects, both sculptural and functional. Students will be introduced to the methods and techniques of hand-building.

ARTS 116
3.00 cr.
Sculpture I

This course will cover basic sculptural materials (wood, stone, plaster, construction/assemblage) and look at sculpture in art history. Critical analysis of sculpture will be emphasized.

ARTS 202
3.00 cr.
3D Design

ARTS202 will build on the knowledge and practices studied in ARTS102 and extend theme into three dimensional work.

ARTS 210
3.00 cr.
Drawing II

Advanced problems in visual expression and developmental skills with a variety of media. Emphasis on conceptual justification and perception. Prerequisite: ARTS110 or consent of instructor.

ARTS 211
3.00 cr.
Life Drawing I

The systematic, academic study of human anatomy and the depiction of the human figure in western art. Working from anatomy texts, the study of the old masters, and direct observation, students will refine their drawing technique using a variety of media. Emphasis given to direct observation and the accurate depiction of the figure in space. Prerequisite: ARTS110.

ARTS 213
3.00 cr.
Photography II and Lab

Introduction to interior and exterior applications of photographic lighting. Emphasis on color theory, color balance, composition, content concept and critical analysis. Prerequisite: ARTS 113 or consent of instructor.

ARTS 214
3.00 cr.
Painting II

Advanced problems of visual expression in oil painting. Emphasis on perceptual skills, scale, and surface. Prerequisite: ARTS114.

ARTS 215
3.00 cr.
Ceramics II

This course is a second semester beginning level ceramics course that is designed to introduce clay as an art material and to teach the technical and aesthetic skills needed to create ceramic objects, both sculptural and functional. Students will be introduced to methods and techniques of wheel-throwing. Ceramics I and II must be taken before progressing to Ceramics III. Prerequisite: ARTS115.

ARTS 216
3.00 cr.
Sculpture II

A continuation covering sculptural materials and methods of working. Emphasis is on looking at and talking about work critically. Prerequisite: ARTS116.

ARTS 230
3.00 cr.
Graphic Design I:Tools, Methodology, and Vocabulary

An introduction to the theory, tools, and professional practices of the graphic design field. Emphasis given to the generation of creative solutions and the efficient utilization of software typically used for print design.

ARTS 240
3.00 cr.
Masterpieces of the Western Tradition

Travel to Europe. Students study the major works of art and architecture from the Western Tradition. The specific location and course design will be set each year the course is offered.

ARTS 290
1.00 cr.
Professional Practices Seminar

This is a one-credit seminar hosted each week by a resident faculty member or visiting creative professional. The purpose of the course is to familiarize the student with the professional practices and expectations of their chosen discipline within a broader range of creative and media industries. Topics will include graduate study, the life of a free lance artist/designer, and careers in web development, motion graphics, film production, production, editing, illustration, photography, pottery, sculpture, etc.

ARTS 311
3.00 cr.
Life Drawing II

Continued study of the human form; drawing from life using a variety of mediums. Prerequisite: ARTS211.

ARTS 312
3.00 cr.
Introduction to Illustration

Introduction to the field of commercial illustration. Topics include visual communication, the creative process, self-promotion, and the development of a distinctive style. A variety of media and conceptual frameworks will be considered. Prerequisite: ARTS210.

ARTS 313
3.00 cr.
Photography III Analog Photography

Introduction to black and white film and darkroom processing. Emphasis on printing techniques, conceptual development and critical analysis of a cohesive body of work with either 35mm or 120mm film will be emphasized.

ARTS 314
3.00 cr.
Painting III

Development of a personal style, vision and body of artwork. Introduction to techniques of egg tempera and fresco. Journal writing and analysis of artwork required. Productive studio habits are needed to explore imagery and technique. Prerequisite: ARTS214.

ARTS 315
3.00 cr.
Ceramics III

Development of a personal style, vision, and body of artwork. Students learn to relate their work to historical and contemporary traditions. Prerequisite: ARTS215.

ARTS 316
3.00 cr.
Sculpture III

This course assumes the student is proficient with sculptural materials and is familiar with critical analysis in order to begin developing a body of work that is linked thematically or conceptually. Emphasis on the development of a working studio aesthetic. Prerequisite: ARTS216.

ARTS 324
3.00 cr.
Painting IV

This course will allow the student to continue to develop a body of work as an artist. A thorough understanding of various painting mediums is expected and must be demonstrated. Journal and artistic biography in written form are continued in this class. Prerequisite: ARTS314.

ARTS 325
3.00 cr.
Ceramics IV

This course will allow the student to continue to develop an area of expertise as an artist. A thorough understanding of the procedures of running a ceramics studio from clay body to finished artwork is expected. A body of consistent artwork will be completed as well as journal writing and analysis of the art form. Prerequisite: ARTS315.

ARTS 330
3.00 cr.
Graphic Design II: Graphic Design Studio

An opportunity for students to further develop their graphic design skill set. Students will be asked to discover original solutions for a variety of design problems for both print and online delivery. Prerequisite: ARTS230

ARTS 332
3.00 cr.
Graphic Design IV: Design for Multimedia

Development of an original body of design work for multiple media formats. The course covers integration of imagery, text, sound, video, animation, and interactive design. Prerequisite: ARTS230

ARTS 336
3.00 cr.
Graphic Design III: Introduction to Web Design

Introduction to the design principles and methods critical to the design of an effective web site or application. Topics include User Experience Design, HTLM/CSS, and Content Management Systems (CMS). Prerequisites: ARTS330 or consent of Instructor

ARTS 340
3.00 cr.
Masterpieces of the Western Tradition II

Travel to Europe. Students study the major works of art and architecture from the Western Tradition. The specific location and course design will be set each year the course is offered.

ARTS 344
3.00 cr.
American Art History

Study of America's particular contribution to the International art scene. Chronological development and regional styles as well as influence of Europe and other cultures will be examined.

ARTS 412
3.00 cr.
Illustration II

Continued refinement of a consistent, recognizable illustrative style. Emphasis placed on conceptual development and the creation of a consistently professional portfolio. Prerequisite: ARTS 312

ARTS 413
3.00 cr.
Photography IV Experimental

Numerous photographic processes, from historical to modern, are studied and applied. A cohesive body of work will be emphasized through image capture and darkroom working methods.

ARTS 414
3.00 cr.
Painting V

Continued development of a body of work, to prepare for senior show. Students propose a series of paintings or working with a specific theme and materials. For art majors only that have a concentration in painting. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

ARTS 416
3.00 cr.
Sculpture IV

Continuation of development of individual work with emphasis on developing a body of work that is ready for exhibition. Prerequisite: ARTS316.

ARTS 424
3.00 cr.
Painting VI

Continuation of Painting V. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

ARTS 425
3.00 cr.
Ceramics V

Prerequisite: ARTS325.

ARTS 426
3.00 cr.
Ceramics VI

Prerequisite: ARTS425.

ARTS 432
3.00 cr.
Digital Painting/Concept Art

This course explores the creation of compelling images using exclusively digital media. Industry-standard illustration software and WACOM drawing monitors are utilized to produce imagery suitable for a variety of commercial purposes, including concept art, illustration, and matte painting. Emphasis placed on originality, design, and conceptual development. Prerequisite: ARTS312 or consent of instructor.

ARTS 434
3.00 cr.
Painting VII

Continuation of Painting VI. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

ARTS 444
3.00 cr.
Methods in Teaching K-12 Art

This course is required for students who seek state licensure (grades K-12) for teaching of Art within the Art Department's Minnesota Teaching Licensure track. The course includes a field experience and must precede EDUC495 "Student Teaching I" and EDUC497 "Student Teaching II". Prerequisites: Acceptance to Art major's Minnesota Teaching Licensure track and acceptance to education major.

ARTS 450
3.00 cr.
Art Theory and Criticism

Seminar on writing and speaking about art. Emphasis on formal analysis of various art forms and effective communication of ideas. Expressing opinions, asking questions and developing a style will be explored.

ARTS 452
3.00 cr.
Contemporary Issues in Art

An art history seminar course that focuses on current issues in the art world from the past 10-15 years. Students will research, present and discuss what is happening in today's art world and visit galleries in the Twin Cities, Chicago or New York.

ARTS 480
3.00 cr.
Topics in Studio Arts

The examination of unique topics in visual art, determined by emerging technology/media, instructor expertise, and special student interest.

ARTS 494
3.00 cr.
Portfolio/Senior Project

Taken in the senior year, in the semester prior to the semester of graduation, this course is the capstone for the Bethany studio art program. Integrates theory and methods from all previous studio coursework in the production of a major body of work or project with emphasis on portfolio production, self-promotion, and consistency across media. Leads directly into ARTS495 Senior Exhibition.

ARTS 495
2.00 cr.
Senior Exhibition

This course is to prepare the artist to present and display artwork. A resume and portfolio must be completed. An exhibition will be scheduled and all aspects of the event will be planned by the student. A gallery talk by the artist will be presented to the college community.

ARTS 499
3.00 cr.
Art Internship

Art-related field experience with an approved agency fulfilling an individual learning contract negotiated between student, faculty advisor, and worksite. Studio art majors only, by permission.