ANTH - Anthropology Courses

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ANTH 102
3.00 cr.
Cultural Anthropology

Differences in culture, subsistence and technology, kinship and social organizations, political and economic systems, and religion and ideology among the people of the world are examined. Comparisons are made with familiar American culture.

ANTH 210
3.00 cr.
World Prehistory

Introduction to world prehistory as investigated by archeologists and physical anthropologists. It provides a sampling of ancient societies and emphasizes the agricultural revolution and the origins of urban life.

ANTH 220
3.00 cr.
Globalization and Culture Change

This course examines globalization as a worldwide phenomenon showing how politics, economic, information technology, religion and other institutions have contributed to changing the world. Theories and models of cultural change and global problems are also addressed.

ANTH 302
3.00 cr.

The subject of violence is studied from an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspective. The nature of violence as exhibited in the individual, among family members, in society and among the people of the world is described, discussed and analyzed. Prerequisite: SOCL101 or PSYC110 or ANTH102.