Bethany has 653 active courses, displayed here in order by subject code and course number. Browse by subject area using the Courses by Subject option. Please contact the registrar if you have questions about our course offerings.
ACCT 207 Accounting I
ACCT 208 Accounting II
ACCT- 2011 Principles of Financial Accounting
AMSL 101 American Sign Language I
AMSL 102 American Sign Language II
ARTS 101 Introduction to Art
ARTS 102 2D Design
ARTS 105 Art History I Prehistory to the Gothic Period
ARTS 106 Art History II Renaissance to Realism
ARTS 107 Art History III Impressionism to Contemporary
ARTS 110 Drawing I
ARTS 113 Photography I and Lab
ARTS 114 Painting I
ARTS 115 Ceramics I
ARTS 116 Sculpture I
ARTS 202 3D Design
ARTS 210 Drawing II
ARTS 211 Life Drawing I
ARTS 213 Photography II and Lab
ARTS 214 Painting II
ARTS 215 Ceramics II
ARTS 216 Sculpture II
ARTS 230 Graphic Design I:Tools, Methodology, and Vocabulary
ARTS 240 Masterpieces of the Western Tradition
ARTS 290 Professional Practices Seminar
ARTS 311 Life Drawing II
ARTS 312 Introduction to Illustration
ARTS 313 Photography III Analog Photography
ARTS 314 Painting III
ARTS 315 Ceramics III
ARTS 316 Sculpture III
ARTS 324 Painting IV
ARTS 325 Ceramics IV
ARTS 330 Graphic Design II: Graphic Design Studio
ARTS 332 Graphic Design IV: Design for Multimedia
ARTS 336 Graphic Design III: Introduction to Web Design
ARTS 340 Masterpieces of the Western Tradition II
ARTS 344 American Art History
ARTS 412 Illustration II
ARTS 413 Photography IV Experimental
ARTS 414 Painting V
ARTS 416 Sculpture IV
ARTS 424 Painting VI
ARTS 425 Ceramics V
ARTS 426 Ceramics VI
ARTS 432 Digital Painting/Concept Art
ARTS 434 Painting VII
ARTS 444 Methods in Teaching K-12 Art
ARTS 450 Art Theory and Criticism
ARTS 452 Contemporary Issues in Art
ARTS 480 Topics in Studio Arts
ARTS 494 Portfolio/Senior Project
ARTS 495 Senior Exhibition
ARTS 499 Art Internship
BIOL 101 Principles of Biology and Lab
BIOL 151 General Biology I and Lab
BIOL 152 General Biology II and Lab
BIOL 203 Botany and Lab
BIOL 215 Invertebrate Zoology and Lab
BIOL 216 Vertebrate Zoology and Lab
BIOL 221 Human Anatomy and Lab
BIOL 222 Human Physiology and Lab
BIOL 280 Medical Terminology
BIOL 311 Field Ornithology
BIOL 340 Genetics and Lab
BIOL 350 Cell Biology and Lab
BIOL 352 Immunology
BIOL 360 Microbiology and Lab
BIOL 370 Ecology and Lab
BIOL 375 Trends in Evolutionary Theory
BIOL 405 Biology Research Proposal
BIOL 480 Topics in Biology
BIOL 490 Introduction to Human Gross Anatomy and Lab
BIOL 498 Biology Independent Research
BIOL 499 Biology Internship
BUSN 101 Introduction to Business
BUSN 307 Business Communications and Lab
BUSN 310 Principles of Management
BUSN 330 Principles of Marketing
BUSN 333 Consumer Behavior
BUSN 350 Principles of Finance
BUSN 351 Financial Institutions
BUSN 352 Investments
BUSN 360 Business Ethics
BUSN 370 Legal Aspects of Business and Sport
BUSN 399 Business Practicum
BUSN 410 Leadership and Organizational Change
BUSN 420 Managing Human Resources
BUSN 430 Entertainment and Sport Marketing
BUSN 431 Integrated Marketing Communication
BUSN 440 Marketing Strategy
BUSN 450 Risk Management
BUSN 460 Advanced Finance
BUSN 470 Administrative Policy
BUSN 471 Sport Administration
BUSN 480 Topics in Business
BUSN 499 Business Internship
CHEM 100 Descriptive Chemistry and Lab
CHEM 105 The Chemistry of Art and Lab
CHEM 107 General, Organic and Biochemistry and Lab
CHEM 113 General Chemistry I and Lab
CHEM 114 General Chemistry II and Lab
CHEM 215 Organic Chemistry I and Lab
CHEM 216 Organic Chemistry II and Lab
CHEM 301 Introduction to Environmental Management
CHEM 313 Analytical Chemistry and Lab
CHEM 314 Inorganic Chemistry and Lab
CHEM 323 General Biochemistry and Lab
CHEM 324 Advanced Biochemistry
CHEM 353 Physical Chemistry I and Lab
CHEM 354 Physical Chemistry II and Lab
CHEM 401 Chemical Information I
CHEM 402 Chemical Information II
CHEM 405 Advanced Organic Chemistry
CHEM 418 Organometallics
CHEM 480 Topics in Chemistry and Lab
CHEM 490 Junior Seminar I
CHEM 491 Junior Seminar II
CHEM 492 Senior Seminar I
CHEM 493 Senior Seminar II
CHEM 497 Research Arranged
CHEM 499 Chemistry Internship
COMM 102 Journalism Practicum, Newspaper
COMM 103 Journalism Practicum, Yearbook
COMM 105 Journalism Practicum Broadcast, Journalism
COMM 111 Fundamentals of Speech
COMM 115 Competitive Speaking
COMM 201 Photojournalism Practicum
COMM 212 Interpersonal Communication
COMM 230 Argument and Advocacy
COMM 240 Introduction to Mass Media
COMM 301 Advanced Photojournalism Practicum
COMM 302 Advanced Journalism Practicum, Newspaper
COMM 303 Advanced Journalism Practicum, Yearbook
COMM 305 Advanced Journalism Practicum, Broadcasting
COMM 315 Advanced Competitive Speaking
COMM 318 Small Group Communication
COMM 320 Language Thought and Meaning
COMM 325 Processes of Criticism
COMM 330 Introduction to Health Communication
COMM 333 Screenwriting
COMM 340 Rhetorical Traditions
COMM 350 Nonverbal Communication
COMM 360 Visual Communication
COMM 362 Social Media Communication
COMM 365 Images on Film
COMM 370 Organizational Communication
COMM 375 Public Relations and Advertising
COMM 380 Journalism
COMM 385 Law and Ethics in Media
COMM 389 Intercultural Communication
COMM 430 Health Communication Theory and Research
COMM 440 Communication Theory
COMM 460 Topics in Visual Communication
COMM 470 Performing for the Camera
COMM 475 Media Ecology
COMM 480 Topics in Communication
COMM 489 International Study Tour
COMM 499 Communication Internship
COMS 101 Computer Applications
COMS 103 Intro to Programming I
COMS 104 Intro to Programming II
COMS 201 Object Oriented Programming
COMS 210 Internet Programming
COMS 304 Computer Organization
COMS 320 Data Communication
COMS 322 Database Systems
COMS 324 Data Modeling
COMS 326 Data Structures
COMS 340 Programming Languages
COMS 442 Software Architecture
COMS 480 Topics in Computer Science
COMS 495 Computer Science Capstone
COMS 499 Internship in Computer Science
ECON 203 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 204 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 330 Comparative Economic Systems
EDUC 100 Education Foundations/Philosophy
EDUC 200 Education Foundation/Philosophy
EDUC 210 Linguistics for Professionals
EDUC 230 Educational Psychology & Human Relations
EDUC 310 Educational Psychology and Human Relations
EDUC 315 Teaching Health and Human Performance
EDUC 320 Teaching Literacy and Communication
EDUC 321 Teaching Literacy and Communication in Middle Level Classrooms
EDUC 325 Children's Literature
EDUC 340 Teaching Social Studies
EDUC 341 Teaching Social Studies in Middle Level Classrooms
EDUC 360 Teaching Science
EDUC 361 Teaching Science in Middle Level Classrooms
EDUC 370 Introduction to the Exceptional Learner
EDUC 380 Early Childhood Theory and Methods
EDUC 390 Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Areas
EDUC 400 Teaching the Christian Faith
EDUC 401 Educational Technology and Media
EDUC 425 Fine Arts for Elementary Education
EDUC 430 Teaching Mathematics
EDUC 431 Teaching Math in Middle Level Classrooms
EDUC 450 Curriculum Planning and Assessment
EDUC 451 Curriculum/Assessment for Middle Level Classrooms
EDUC 455 Classroom Management
EDUC 487 Capstone
EDUC 495 Student Teaching I
EDUC 497 Student Teaching II
EDUC 499 Educational Studies Internship andSeminar
EDUC PTF Education Professional Portfolio
EDUC TPA Education Teacher Performance Assessment
ENGL 100 Stretch Composition I
ENGL 101 Stretch Composition II
ENGL 102 English Practicum, Literary Magazine
ENGL 110 College Writing I
ENGL 200 Literary Analysis
ENGL 201 Survey of Greek Classical Literature
ENGL 202 Roman Literature
ENGL 203 Ages of British Literature
ENGL 204 Modern European Literature
ENGL 205 Introduction to Fiction
ENGL 206 Introduction to Poetry and Drama
ENGL 210 College Writing II
ENGL 211 American Literature I
ENGL 212 American Literature II
ENGL 213 Creative Writing
ENGL 220 World Literature
ENGL 230 Introduction to Contemporary Literature
ENGL 302 Advanced English Practicum,Literary Magazine
ENGL 312 Reading as Writers Across Media
ENGL 313 Advanced Writing
ENGL 314 Literary Production
ENGL 317 Composition Studies
ENGL 320 The English Language
ENGL 321 Shakespeare
ENGL 322 British Literature: 17th and 18th Centuries
ENGL 323 British Literature: Early Romantics, and Victorians
ENGL 324 British Literature: Later Romantics, and Victorians
ENGL 327 Young Adult and Classic Literature
ENGL 331 Early American Authors
ENGL 332 Modern American Authors
ENGL 335 African-American Literature
ENGL 350 Literary Theory
ENGL 360 Poetry: 20th and 21st Centuries
ENGL 370 Christian Writers
ENGL 444 Methods in Teaching 5-12 Communication Arts and Literature
ENGL 480 Topics in Literature and Language
ENGL 493 Senior Seminar I
ENGL 494 Senior Seminar II
ENGL 499 English Internship
ENSC 101 Introduction to Engineering
ENSC 313 Statics and Dynamics
ENSC 314 Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Circuits
ENSC 321 Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Transport Processes
ENSC 323 Solid Mechanics
ENSC 381 Engineering Thermodynamics
ENSC 480 Topics in Engineering
ENSC 490 Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering
ENSC 491 Introduction to Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Engineering
ENSC 499 Engineering Science Internship
ENSL 150 Orientation to American Higher Education
ENSL 160 Academic Literacy for Non-Native Speakers
ENSL 161 Advanced Academic Literacy for Non-Native Speakers
ENSL 170 Academic Conversation and Presentation for Non-Native Speakers
ENSL 171 Advanced Academic Conversation and Presentation Non-Native Speakers
EXSC 499 Exercise Science Internship
FRSM 101 Orientation to College
GEOG 101 Physical Geography
GEOG 102 Human Geography
GERM 101 Introduction to German I
GERM 102 Introduction to German II
GERM 201 Intermediate German I
GERM 202 Intermediate German II
GRDS 494 Graphic Design Senior Project/Capstone - Part One
GRDS 495 Graphic Design Senior Exhibition
GRDS 499 Graphic Design Internship
GREK 101 Introduction to Greek I
GREK 102 Introduction to Greek II
GREK 203 Intermediate Greek The New Testament I
GREK 204 Intermediate Greek The New Testament II
GREK 304 Advanced Greek: Plato's Symposium
HEBR 101 Introduction to Hebrew I
HEBR 102 Introduction to Hebrew II
HEBR 203 Intermediate Hebrew I
HEBR 204 Intermediate Hebrew II
HIST 111 Ancient Medieval Europe
HIST 116 Early Modern World Civilizations
HIST 117 Modern World History
HIST 122 Modern World Civilizations
HIST 207 History of USA I
HIST 208 History of USA II
HIST 330 Dark Age Europe
HIST 333 Medieval Europe
HIST 335 The High Middle Ages
HIST 340 Renaissance and Reformation Eras
HIST 345 Tudor and Stuart England
HIST 350 French Revolution through Napoleon
HIST 355 Britain, 1688-1901
HIST 356 Britain, 1901-Present
HIST 360 Early and Imperial Russian History
HIST 365 The Russian Revolution and the Soviet Union
HIST 370 Imperialism and Globalization
HIST 380 Topics in World History
HIST 385 Western Legal Traditions
HIST 403 Native American Culture and Government
HIST 410 The Era of the American Revolution
HIST 420 Constitution and Early Republic
HIST 430 The American Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 443 Methods in Teaching 5-12 Social Studies
HIST 450 Civil Rights Movement
HIST 460 Religion in American History
HIST 470 The Supreme Court and the American People
HIST 480 Topics in American History
HIST 489 International Study Tour
HIST 490 Introduction to Historical Research and Writing
HIST 493 Senior Seminar I
HIST 494 Senior Seminar II
HIST 499 History Internship
HLTH 103 Healthful Living
HLTH 201 Nutrition
HLTH 206 Advanced First Aid
HLTH 240 Current Health Issues
HLTH 260 Foundations of Health Education
HLTH 311 Drug Education
HLTH 330 History and Philosophy of Wellness
HLTH 444 Methods of Teaching Health Education
HLTH 470 Introduction to Diseases and Disorders
LART 475 Senior Liberal Arts Tutorial
LART 499 Liberal Arts Internship
LATN 101 Introduction to Latin I
LATN 102 Introduction to Latin II
LATN 203 Intermediate Latin Cicero and Classical Authors
LATN 204 Intermediate Latin Virgils Aeneid
LEGL 210 Introduction to Legal Studies
LEGL 310 Introduction to Legal Studies
LEGL 320 Legal Research and Writing
LEGL 410 Health Policy and Law
LEGL 460 Legal Procedures
LEGL 470 Family Law
LEGL 480 Legal Studies Topics Course
LEGL 495 Senior Seminar
LEGL 499 Legal Studies Internship
MART 197 Audio Video Production Basics
MART 290 Introduction to Animation
MART 295 Introduction to Broadcast Media
MART 297 Audio/Video Production
MART 330 Motion Graphics Design
MART 397 Advanced Audio/Video Production
MART 430 Motion Graphic Design
MART 435 Motion Graphics 2
MART 465 Editing for Film and Video
MART 475 Avant Garde/Experimental Film
MART 480 Topics in Media Art
MART 496 Media Arts Capstone I
MART 497 Media Arts Capstone II - Capstone Exhibition
MART 499 Media Arts Internship
MATH 097 Intermediate Algebra
MATH 110 Math Problem Solving
MATH 111 College Algebra
MATH 112 Trigonometry
MATH 120 Introduction to Statistics
MATH 151 Calculus I
MATH 152 Calculus II
MATH 243 Multivariable Calculus
MATH 260 Differential Equations
MATH 295 Foundations of Abstract Mathematics
MATH 321 Probability and Statistics I
MATH 322 Probability and Statistics II
MATH 330 Discrete Mathematics
MATH 341 Introduction to Real Analysis
MATH 351 Linear Algebra
MATH 370 College Geometry
MATH 380 Numerical Analysis
MATH 385 Mathematical Modeling
MATH 390 History of Mathematics
MATH 444 Methods in Teaching 5-12 Mathematics
MATH 451 Abstract Algebra
MATH 461 Partial Differential Equations
MATH 471 Complex Analysis
MATH 480 Topics in Mathematics
MATH 491 Mathematics Colloquium
MATH 495 Senior Thesis
MATH 499 Mathematics Internship
MILS 101 Intro to Army and Critical Thinking
MILS 102 Intro to the Profession of Arms
MILS 150 Leadership Lab
MILS 201 Leadership and Decision Making
MILS 202 Army Doctrine and Team Development
MILS 210 Army Physical Fitness
MILS 252 The Evolution of American Warfare
MILS 277 Cadet Professional Development Training (CPDT)
MILS 299 Individual Study
MILS 301 Training Management and the Warfighting Function
MILS 302 Applied Leadership in Small Unit Operations
MILS 366 Advanced Camp
MILS 401 The Army Officer
MILS 402 Company Grade Leadership
MILS 403 Application for Physical Conditioning
MILS 498 Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency Internship
MILS 499 Individual Study
MISY 300 Software Applications
MISY 302 MIS in the Organization
MISY 440 Project Management
MUSC 101 Music Fundamentals
MUSC 102 Music Appreciation
MUSC 111 Music Theory I
MUSC 112 Music Theory II
MUSC 114 Music Skills I
MUSC 115 Music Skills II
MUSC 121 Music History I
MUSC 122 Music History II
MUSC 125 Choraliers
MUSC 130 Concert Choir
MUSC 132 Mary Martha Singers
MUSC 133 Chamber Choir
MUSC 135 Concert Band
MUSC 140 Handbells
MUSC 152 Chamber Orchestra
MUSC 153 Chapel Brass
MUSC 154 Drumline
MUSC 155 Jazz Ensemble
MUSC 161 Introduction to Conducting
MUSC 181 ELS Certification Piano
MUSC 190 Instruction I
MUSC 205 Hymnody and Liturgics
MUSC 211 Music Theory III
MUSC 212 Music Theory IV
MUSC 214 Music Skills III
MUSC 215 Music Skills IV
MUSC 235 Hymnody and Liturgics
MUSC 261 Choral Conducting
MUSC 262 Instrumental Conducting
MUSC 290 Instruction II
MUSC 303 Music Communication and Technology
MUSC 307 Survey of Organ History and Literature
MUSC 309 Service Playing and Repertoire
MUSC 317 Piano Literature
MUSC 335 Music Theatre
MUSC 340 Survey of World Dance
MUSC 341 Music of the Renaissance and Baroque
MUSC 342 Music of the Baroque and Classic Era
MUSC 343 Music of the 19th Century
MUSC 344 Music of the 20th Century
MUSC 371 Piano Pedagogy
MUSC 372 Organ Pedagogy
MUSC 373 Vocal Pedagogy
MUSC 390 Instruction III
MUSC 400 Church Music Practicum
MUSC 417 Counterpoint and Composition
MUSC 418 Analysis and Composition
MUSC 435 Opera and Lyric Theatre
MUSC 440 World Music
MUSC 475 Recital
MUSC 480 Topics in Music
MUSC 489 International Study Tour
MUSC 490 Instruction IV
MUSC 495 Senior Seminar Music
MUSC 499 Music Internship
NORW 101 Introduction to Norwegian I
NORW 102 Introduction to Norwegian II
NURS 300 Fundamentals of Professional Nursing
NURS 310 Assessment and Skills for Nursing
NURS 320 Pharmacology for Nursing
NURS 330 Pathophysiology for Nursing
NURS 340 Gerontological Nursing
NURS 350 Evidence-Based Nursing
NURS 360 Adult Nursing
NURS 370 Transcultural Nursing
NURS 400 Issues and Trends in Nursing
NURS 410 Childbearing Family Nursing
NURS 420 Child and Adolescent Nursing
NURS 430 Mental Health Nursing
NURS 440 Community Health Nursing
NURS 450 Leadership and Management in Nursing
NURS 460 Transition into Professional Nursing
NURS 499 Nursing Internship
PHED 120 Aerobic Conditioning
PHED 124 Weight Training
PHED 215 Lifetime Health and Fitness
PHED 217 Lifetime Health and Fitness
PHED 306 Methods of Coaching
PHED 310 Motor Learning and Behavior
PHED 320 Social Aspects of Sports
PHED 325 Sport Psychology
PHED 330 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
PHED 350 Kinesiology
PHED 444 Methods of Tchng Secondary Phys Education
PHED 450 Exercise Physiology and Lab
PHED 455 Strength and Conditioning
PHED 460 Exercise Testing and Prescription
PHED 470 Research and Writing in Exercise Science
PHED 480 Topics in Exercise Science
PHED 499 Coaching Internship
PHIL 201 Logic and Critical Thinking
PHIL 202 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 204 Ethics
PHIL 330 History of Western Philosophy I
PHIL 331 History of Western Philosophy II
PHIL 450 Philosophical Readings
PHYS 101 Descriptive Physics and Lab
PHYS 151 College Physics I and Lab
PHYS 152 College Physics II and Lab
PHYS 213 General Physics I and Lab
PHYS 214 General Physics II and Lab
PLSC 105 American Government
PLSC 106 World Politics
PLSC 420 Constitution and Early Republic
PSYC 110 General Psychology
PSYC 120 Human Growth and Development
PSYC 215 Personality
PSYC 230 Cross Cultural Psychology
PSYC 270 Gender
PSYC 280 Topics in Psychology
PSYC 289 International Study Tour
PSYC 290 Career Exploration and Development in Psychology I
PSYC 312 Industrial Organizational Psychology
PSYC 315 Sport Psychology
PSYC 325 Psychology of Child Development
PSYC 330 Psychology of Adult Development
PSYC 335 Learning and Cognition
PSYC 337 Introduction to Physiological Psychology
PSYC 340 Social Psychology
PSYC 350 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 365 Facilitating Groups
PSYC 380 Psychopharmacology
PSYC 390 Career Exploration and Development in Psychology II
PSYC 440 Applied Behavior Analysis
PSYC 450 Principles and Strategies of Counseling
PSYC 475 History and Systems of Psychology
PSYC 480 Topics in Psychology
PSYC 489 International Study Tour
PSYC 497 Research Opportunity in Psychology
PSYC 499 Psychology Internship
PSYC- 1115 Stress Management and Coping Skills
RELG 108 Essentials of Christianity I
RELG 109 Essentials of Christianity II
RELG 110 Introduction to Christianity I
RELG 111 Introduction to Christianity II
RELG 203 The Life of Christ
RELG 204 Israel's History
RELG 205 The Gospel According to Isaiah
RELG 206 Acts of the Apostles
RELG 207 Paul's Letter to the Roman Christians
RELG 209 Christian Doctrine I
RELG 210 Christian Doctrine II
RELG 223 The Life of Christ
RELG 224 History of Israel
RELG 225 The Gospel According to Isaiah
RELG 226 Acts of the Apostles
RELG 227 Paul's Letter to Roman Christians
RELG 229 Christian Doctrine
RELG 235 Hymnody and Liturgics
RELG 300 History of Christian Thought I: Post-Apostolic Fathers to Chalcedon
RELG 301 History of Christian Thought II: Chalcedon to 15th Century
RELG 302 History of Christian Thought III: Enlightenment, Modern, Post Modern
RELG 316 Comparative World Religions
RELG 320 Luther: His Ongoing Significance
RELG 325 Psalms and Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament
RELG 330 Christian Social Thought
RELG 335 The Lutheran Confessions
RELG 340 Apologetics
RELG 350 Islam
RELG 360 History of the Christian Church
RELG 380 Pauline Literature
RELG 382 Johannine Literature
RELG 420 The Rhetoric of Religion
RELG 425 Eastern Religion/Spirituality in America
RELG 435 Intertestament Period
RELG 480 Topics in Religious Studies
RELG 489 International Study Tour
SARC 100 Essential Study Skills
SCIE 320 History and Philosophy of Science
SCIE 330 Ethics in Science
SCIE 340 Environmental Issues
SCIE 350 Technology in Society
SCIE 375 Theories of Science in the 20th Century
SMNR 101 Freshman Seminar
SMNR 490 Vocational Seminar
SOCL 101 Introduction to Sociology
SOCL 104 Cultural Anthropology
SOCL 201 Marriage and the Family
SOCL 240 Criminal Deviance and Justice
SOCL 250 Crossing Cultures in the USA
SOCL 289 International Study Tour
SOCL 290 Comparative Historical Sociology
SOCL 300 Sociology of Medicine and the Body
SOCL 320 Research Methods in Social Sciences
SOCL 330 American Minorities
SOCL 335 Collective Behavior and Social Movements
SOCL 341 Social Stratification
SOCL 345 Religion and Society
SOCL 351 Sociology of Art and Film
SOCL 405 Continental Philosophy: The Early Foundations of Sociology
SOCL 410 Sociological Theory
SOCL 420 Contemporary Sociological Theory
SOCL 435 Death and Dying
SOCL 480 Topics in Sociology
SOCL 489 International Study Tour
SOCL 497 Independent Research
SOCL 499 Sociology Internship
SPAN 101 Beginning Spanish I
SPAN 102 Beginning Spanish II
SPAN 203 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 204 Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 280 Topics in Spanish
SPAN 305 Conversation and Literature I
SPAN 306 Conversation and Literature II
SPAN 320 History and Culture of Spain
SPAN 330 History and Culture of Latin America
SPAN 340 Survey of the Literature of Spain
SPAN 350 Survey of the Literature of Latin America
SPAN 480 Topics Course
SPED 200 Identification and Assessment for Special Education Services
SPED 300 Special Education IEP & Transition Planning
SPED 310 Special Education Law and Advocacy
SPED 320 Literacy Assessment & Interventions for Students with Disabilities
SPED 340 Behavior Mgmt & Classroom Environments for Students with Disabilities
SPED 350 Special Education Practicum I
SPED 360 Special Education Practicum II
SPED 370 Consultation, Collaboration & Resources in Special Education
SPED 400 Behavioral Methods & Mental Health for Mild to Moderate Disabilities
SPED 401 Methods/Strategies Teaching Students with Mild-Moderate Disabilities
THTR 100 Production Involvement
THTR 101 Introduction to Theatre
THTR 102 Acting I
THTR 103 Shop Activity Credits
THTR 210 Directing I
THTR 215 Fundamentals of Stagecraft and Design
THTR 240 Vocal Production and Interpretation
THTR 280 Intermediate Topics in Theatre
THTR 300 Theatre Practicum
THTR 302 Acting II
THTR 310 Theatre History and Literature I
THTR 311 Theatre History and Literature II
THTR 320 Scene Design
THTR 330 Period Style
THTR 340 Stage Dialects
THTR 360 Lighting Design
THTR 380 Sound Design
THTR 381 Advanced Design and Technical Seminar
THTR 390 Costume Design
THTR 410 Directing II
THTR 420 Dramatic Theory and Criticism
THTR 430 Playwriting
THTR 460 Theatre Management
THTR 480 Advanced Topics in Theatre
THTR 495 Theatre Capstone
VARS 101 Varsity Softball
VARS 102 Varsity Basketball
VARS 103 Varsity Soccer
VARS 105 Varsity Volleyball
VARS 106 Varsity Golf
VARS 111 Varsity Baseball
VARS 112 Varsity Tennis
VARS 114 Varsity Cross Country
VARS 116 Varsity Indoor Track and Field
VARS 117 Varsity Outdoor Track and Field