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Going to college involves many changes. Changes that include: personal, cognitive and spiritual growth, developing relationships, and growing in identity and purpose. There are times when it might be beneficial to visit with someone about the challenges of navigating these changes, college, or life.  Bethany has the following resources available to students:

Spiritual Counseling Services

The Campus Chaplain is available for counseling students seeking spiritual guidance.

Chaplain Don Moldstad

Office: Trinity Chapel, room 111




Personal Counseling Services

For those seeking personal counseling, Bethany Lutheran College partners with WLCFS Christian Family Solutions, who maintains an on-campus counseling center (Luther Hall 207) with scheduled office hours. WLCFS provides a wide range of counseling, assessment and psychological testing services. All of the professional mental health therapists at the BLC on-campus clinic are licensed by the state of MN.

WLCFS Christian Family Solutions will work with Bethany students to determine the best route for delivering services in a cost effective manner. The cost for an initial set of 3 hours is covered by Bethany Lutheran College, at no charge to the student (through the BLC Membership Assistance Program). If additional counseling services are needed after the 3rd session, there are several options to pay for continued services:

  1. Students may continue seeing a WLCFS counselor, and they will submit claims through the student's health insurance provider. The staff at WLCFS will work with the student to determine the best options for submitting health insurance claims. WLCFS counselors are in most major insurance networks.
  2. The student can choose to continue their services with the WLCFS counselors and can pay privately with a Prompt Pay discount.  This discount allows students to receive 50%-60% off the cost of all clinical services.
  3. If the Prompt Pay discount is too much for students or their families to manage, they may submit a sliding fee discount application, which can be found at Please visit with your counselor for details.

Students who already have a working relationship with a counselor, may consider continuing with their current arrangement, as often a consistent and established support network proves beneficial in successfully navigating college life.

Common areas of concern for personal counseling include:

  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Alcohol Problems
  • Illicit Drug Use
  • Gambling
  • Cutting/Self Harm
  • Homesickness
  • Relationship Issues
  • Eating Disorders/Body Image
  • Sexuality/Sexual Assault/Abuse
  • Stress Management
  • Suicide or Suicidal Behavior
  • Victimization

APPOINTMENTS: WLCFS counselors can be requested requested online or by calling 800.438.1772. The on-campus counseling center is located in Luther Hall, Suite 207, or if you prefer, you can also meet with one of the counselors from WLCFS Christian Family Solutions at their off-campus clinic in Mankato located at 421 East Hickory Street in Suite 402.

CRISIS INFORMATION / EMERGENCY: Should you have an emergency, go to your hospital emergency room or call 911. Should you need to talk to someone right away, the following crisis lines are available 24/7.

WLCFS Christian Family Solutions:             800-438-1772

Blue Earth County Mental Health Center:    507-389-8319

Minnesota Crisis Connection:                       866-379-6363

The Staff at WLCFS:


Another agency providing Christian counseling in Mankato:

Footnotes Family Counseling Services

Amanda Gerdts
Specializing in relationship issues, marriage, pre-marriage, anxiety, and trauma recovery. Experience with suicide prevention.


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