What is a complaint? 


In Psalm 133:1, King David remarks “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” Bethany Lutheran College values unity and peace among students, faculty, and staff. At the same time Bethany recognizes that the unique differences with which God blesses individuals coupled with the sinful inclinations of human beings can cause conflict.


The best way to resolve a conflict is for the person who feels wronged or offended to speak directly to the people causing concern. Oftentimes formal procedures for voicing concerns and resolving conflicts are described in the official documents of courses and campus organizations, otherwise the faculty and staff of Bethany generally welcome students to share their concerns.


If after exhausting the formal method for resolving a conflict and/or contacting the people causing the concern the offended individual still feels unsatisfied with the outcome, the individual can file a complaint by gathering factual evidence proving that the current outcome is unfair and presenting it to the appropriate supervisory officials.


How do I submit a complaint?


A written complaint must include (1) a statement identifying the objection to a specific occurrence, (2) a description of the context of the occurrence and any actions that have been taken in an attempt to resolve the issue, (3) an explanation of why the actions taken have been insufficient or unfair, and (4) factual evidence (i.e. course syllabi, handbooks, e-mails, signed statements, tuition bills,etc.) that demonstrates proof of the situation, actions, and current resolution. A complaint must be received within 30 business days of the occurrence by the appropriate office:


Academic Affairs (academic programs, accreditation): Jason Lowrey, 507-344-7378

Student Affairs (student and campus life): Ted Manthe, 507-344-7745
Finances (tuition and billing): Daniel Mundahl, 507-344-7739
Admissions (college eligibility): Jeffrey Lemke, 507-344-7373
Registrar (academic records, credit transfer): Stacy Tomhave, 507-344-7310
Financial Aid (loans, scholarships, grants): Jeff Younge, 507-344-7328
Human Resources (employment, equity): Josh Pederson, 507-344-7840

What if Bethany does not resolve my complaint?

Bethany Lutheran College is committed to working within its community to resolve complaints internally. However, if individuals feel that their rights have been violated even after Bethany has pursued and issued solutions, they should follow the procedures for submitting their complaints to the Minnesota Office of Higher Education. If students are taking online courses and reside states other than Minnesota, complaints should be submitted to the appropriate state agencies overseeing higher education. Complaints related to the accreditation of Bethany Lutheran College should be submitted using the process described by the Higher Learning Commission.