Chemistry Major

Our chemistry program includes all the main divisions of chemistry: organic, inorganic, analytical, biochemical, and physical. We will prepare you for advanced studies or a career in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, or environmentalism.

As a chemistry student, you will examine the structure, composition, and properties of matter while answering questions on the sustainability of life and how various chemicals react when combined with one another.
You will also place the role of science in context with the social, environmental, and historical perspective of the society that supports and relies on that science for continued growth and prosperity. We believe God’s deliberate design of creation is clearly presented in the study of chemical phenomena, especially on the molecular level of life processes. Read more.

What sets us apart
  • Facilities: Our facilities and equipment are accessible to you beginning your freshman year.
  • Research: Undergraduate research will set you apart as a graduate.

Pre-professional programs

Chemistry Profiles
Matthew Schaffer
Alumnus Profile: Matthew Schaffer (2010)
Matthew is currently finishing his second year at Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Parker, Colorado. He will be moving to Rapid City, South Dakota, in August to begin rotations at Rapid City Regional Hospital.