Chapel - March 17, 2017 - 10:00am

Chaplain Don Moldstad
Music leader(s) 
Organist: Prof. Dennis Marzolf
Other service participants 
Soloist: Adam Tecken

Order of Service

* Prelude

* Give Me a New Heart (Psalm 51)   - C. Walker

Soloist: Give me a new heart… / All: Give me a new heart…

S: God, in your love, have mercy on me. In your compassion cleanse me.

All of my guilt, wash it away. Lord, make me clean from my sin. / Give me a new heart…

S: All of my faults, I know them so well. All of my sins, I know them.

For against you alone have I sinned. Evil in your sight have I done. / Give me a new heart…

S: Truth in the heart you love most of all. Now fill my mind with wisdom.

Wash me from sin and I shall be clean, I shall be pure as the snow. /  Give me a new heart…

S: O spare my life and save me, O God. I will proclaim your goodness.

Open my lips and help me to speak and I will praise you with joy. / Give me a new heart…

 * The Fifth Commandment & Explanation

All: You shall not kill.    P: What does this mean?

All: We should fear and love God, so that we do no bodily harm to our neighbor,

but help and befriend him in every need.

* Devotion

* Prayer

* Hymn, 448, vv. 1, 3, 5 & 6, I Will Sing My Maker’s Praises

* Blessing

* Postlude