Chapel - October 27, 2016 - 10:00am

Rev. Pres. Gaylin Schmeling, Seminary
Other service participants 
Student Organist: Tim Krause Seminary Chorus: directed by Patrick Ernst

Order of Service

* Prelude

Seminary Chorus: Built on the Rock       Text: N.F.S. Grundtvig, abr.; Tr. C. Døving

1. (Danish) 1. Kirken den er et gammelt hus, Står, om end tårnene falde;

Tårne fuldmange sank i grus, Klokker end kime og kalde, kalde på gammel og på ung,

Mest dog på sjælen træt og tung, syg for den evige hvile.

1. Built on the Rock the Church shall stand, Even when steeples are falling.

Crumbled have spires in ev'ry land; Bells still are chiming and calling,

Calling the young and old to rest, But above all the soul distressed, Longing for rest everlasting.

(All may join on v. 2)

2. Surely in Temples made with hands,God, the Most High, is not dwelling,

High above earth His temple stands,All earthly temples excelling;

Yet He whom heav’ns cannot containChose to abide on earth with men,Built in our bodies His temple.


3. We are God’s house of living stones, Builded for His habitation;

He thro’ baptismal grace us owns,  Heirs of His wond’rous salvation;

Were we but two His name to tell, Yet He would deign with us to dwell, With all His grace and His favor.

Melody: L. M. Lindeman; Setting: Dr. F. Melius Christiansen and K. J. Wycisk

* Reading: Psalm 46:1-7

* Devotion: “God is indeed our Refuge and Strength”

* Prayer

* Hymn, 251, A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

* Blessing

* Postlude