Chapel - December 4, 2012 - 12:00am

Rev. Prof. Dennis Marzolf

Order of Service

Hymn: Help Us O Lord, Behold We Enter
Help us, O Lord, behold we enter
a time of grace, a new church year.
In thee our hopes and thoughts now center,
Renew our courage, grant us cheer,
New life, new strength, new happiness,
Lord by Thy Spirit, hear and bless!
In Advent grant us preparation
that we make straight for thee a way!
And may our Christmas celebration
proclaim goodwill and peace for aye.
Open our eyes that we may see
the light of thy Epiphany.
Lord, bless our Lent with true repentance,
our Holy Week with fervent prayer.
In Easter grant us the assurance,
baptized, our Savior’s life we share.
May we, by faith, with Christ ascend
to joy unbounded without end.
In love, O Lord, send us Thy Spirit
in pentecostal majesty,
that we the true faith may inherit
and trust One God in Trinity.
Preserve Thy Church, O Lord, we pray
by Sacrament and Word alway!
1. J. Rist,1607-1667, alt.
2-4. D. M., 1986
Tune: “Ich sterbe täglich”

See, See The Word Is Incarnate Orlando Gibbons, 1583-1625
See, see the Word is incarnate; God is made man in the womb of a Virgin.
Shepherds rejoice, wise men adore and angels sing
"Glory be to God on high: peace on earth, good will towards men."
The law is canceled,
Jews and Gentiles all converted by the preaching of glad tidings of salvation.
The blind have sight and cripples have their motion;
diseases cured, the dead are raised, and miracles are wrought.
Let us welcome such a guest with Hosanna.
The Paschal Lamb is offered, Christ Jesus made a sacrifice for sin.
The earth quakes, the sun is darkened, the powers of hell are shaken;
and lo, he is risen up in victory.
Sing Alleluia.
See, O see the fresh wounds, the gored blood,
the prick of thorns, the print of nails.
And in the sight of multitudes a glorious ascension.
Where now he sits on God's right hand
Where all the choir of heaven all jointly sing:
Glory be to the Lamb that sitteth on the throne.
Let us continue our wonted (customary) note with Hosanna:
Blessed be He that cometh in the Name of the Lord;
with Alleluia, we triumph in victory,
The serpent's head bruised, Christ's kingdom exalted,
And heaven laid open to sinners. Amen.
G. Goodman, 1583(?)-1656

Achieved is the Glorious Work Joseph Haydn, 1732-1809
Achieved is the glorious work.
Our song let be the praise of God!
He sole on high exalted reigns, Hallelujah.
Glory to His name forever. Hallelujah!