Capstone Course

Our English majors conceive, research, and write an original, substantive, and rigorous analytic essay or creative production that requires them to use everything they’ve learned in previous years in a focused and professional project. Close reading and analysis of literary and/or theoretical texts, or a self-reflexive consideration of the craft, method, and process of producing creative texts is emphasized. Our seniors work closely with one another, with the professor teaching the senior seminar course, and with another faculty member who has expertise in the area of interest. By the time they graduate, our majors produce a high-caliber thesis they can use in their resumes or graduate school applications. They can also extend the project into a full-length novel, poetry collection, memoir, etc.

Examples of Senior Thesis Papers:

  • The Truth Behind the Lies: Why Research is Important to Creative Writing
  • Creating a Legend: The Ingenuity of Linguistic Design
  • Friendship in Young Adult Literature
  • POW!  Creating and Using Graphic Novels to Trick Students into Reading (and Even Liking) Shakespeare

Examples of Senior Creative Works:

  • The Orichalcum Campaign by Cheryl Burnham
  • Neriya by Jessie Fries
  • Train Dance by Karen Wagner
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream: A Graphic Novel by Diana Zarrett