Broad Field Social Studies

Broad field social studies (BFSS) combines the depth of the history major with the breadth of insights gleaned from the social sciences. In this way, students will not only study history, but will also examine aspects of anthropology, sociology, psychology, and geography.

The resulting integration ensures a broad knowledge base and strong research skills.
Graduates will be well prepared for graduate school and work in research, government, politics, and education. Most importantly, our professors are committed to mentoring their students in college academics and the Christian faith. Read more.


Broad Field Social Studies Profiles
Alumna Profile: Angela Heidelberger (2008)
Angela works as a real estate loan assistant at Pioneer Bank and is also one of the founders and executive director of Lasting Imprint, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to raising awareness of congenital heart defects.
Alumna Profile: Mary Ramirez (2010)
In addition to her work as a senior proposal writer for Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Mary is also a branded contributor to The Chris Salcedo Show via TheBlaze Radio Network.
Alumnus Profile: Daniel Kneeland (2017)
Daniel Kneeland (B.A. Broad Field Social Studies, Dec. 2017 graduate) has accepted a full-time teaching position at Jackson County Central High School. He will teach 10th grade U.S. History, 12th grade economics, and 11th/12th grade current events.