Bethany Cares

Bethany Lutheran College cares about all members of the campus community, and encourages everyone to support and help each other in being successful. It is our desire to connect students who may be facing challenges in their academic, spiritual or personal lives to resources that may be beneficial to them.

EMERGENCY: If this is an emergency that requires immediate attention, call 911. Campus security is also available for assistance at 507-344-7888.

BETHANY CARES - STUDENT OF CONCERN REPORTING: If you are concerned about a student who is displaying behaviors that may interfere with their ability to be successful or function well, you are encouraged to report the concern to an appropriate college representative, the Dean of Students office, or submit the concern through the Student of Concern Reporting Form. Examples of behaviors for Bethany Cares reports may include: excessive class absenteeism, uncharacteristic poor academic performance, disruptive behaviors, self-injurious behavior, mental health concerns, or any other concern about a student’s welfare.

SEXUAL MISCONDUCT REPORTING: Bethany Lutheran College is committed to maintaining high standards of respect and civility, including a working and learning environment that is free of sex discrimination, which includes sexual harassment and sexual misconduct (rape, acquaintance rape, statutory rape, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual violence/assault, or stalking).

If the concern involves sexual assault, dating or relationship violence, or stalking, you are encouraged to file a report with the Title IX Coordinator (all employees of Bethany, with the exception of those designated as confidential resources, are required to report knowledge of sexual misconduct as mandated reporters). For complete information on how to get support or to file a formal report, please see the Sexual Misconduct page of our Student Guide.

To file an anonymous report of sexual assault, dating or relationship violence, or stalking, please visit our Title IX Anonymous Reporting Form.