Faculty Accessibility. Bethany professors are accessible both in and out of the classroom. They are dedicated to their fields and committed to teaching.

Collaborative Learning. Learning takes place in several ways at Bethany. Regardless of the approach a class or professor takes, students are encouraged to learn and study in a collaborative environment. Often working in small groups to research topics, complete projects, and present to the class, our students are both challenged and motivated by the work and ideas of others. 

Community. Bethany students and faculty work openly together. This approach creates an environment of academic camaraderie that fosters educational growth in ways that some larger institutions cannot offer. Experience our academic community firsthand by attending a class and meeting with one of our professors during a campus visit.

Stephanie Ranthum '10 | history major and art history minor

"Bethany's academic environment is fascinating and challenging. I fell in love with history, art history, cultural anthropology, literature, art, and philosophy while I was there. My cultural anthropology class with Dr. Kessel was where I fell in love with the idea of living in a different culture and studying it, and my passion grew through traveling. My travels at Bethany had a huge impact on my decision to join the Peace Corps right after graduation."

Jonathan Mayer '07 | studio art major

"Looking back now that I'm in graduate school, I recognize how valuable it was for me to attend a liberal arts college. I find myself well-rounded with knowledge of history, music, and science. I knew studying art at Bethany would be a challenge, but I received good direction from my professors through one-on-one instruction and helpful feedback on my work. They took the time to get to know me and pushed me to succeed. Their guidance is why I am where I am today."

Marcie Flygare '12 | exercise science major

"Without Bethany, I would not be as passionate and excited about my future in the medical field. I hope to recognize disease processes and the dynamic relationship between nutrition, mental health, and holistic health. I have been blessed to learn and grow with the help of numerous faculty and staff who truly care about my academic, professional, and personal goals."