Academic Resources at Bethany

Academic Resources is a student retention program designed to help ensure academic success for students of Bethany Lutheran College.

Academic Resources provides support for students through advising sessions, supported study sessions, tutoring services, and Writing Center coaching. Academic Resources provides appropriate accommodations for students with identified disabilities through the creation and implementation of Academic Resource Plans.

Academic Resource Advising

The staff of Academic Resources provides weekly advising appointments with each student in the program. During these sessions, advisors will review attendance, grades, and then work with the students to address concerns. Academic Resources will provide guidance and support while encouraging the student in self-advocacy.

Become a Tutor

Students with the ability and interest to tutor fellow students in Bethany courses can apply to become a tutor by submitting this form to Dr. Carrie Pfeifer. Tutors are able to commit to as much or as little tutoring as their schedule allows and Dr. Pfeifer arranges tutoring sessions in consultation with both the tutor and the student. Tutors are paid for their time and service at the pay rate for work study hours.



BLC Google Account log-in required to view and complete Forms:

Questions? Please contact:

Dr. Carrie Pfeifer, Director of Academic Resources 
Office: Old Main 224
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Supported Study
Academic Resources provide several opportunities for supported study sessions. Students receiving services from Academic Resources are enrolled each semester in the course “Essential Study Skills.” This class meets twice a week with the purpose of providing direct study support. Additional opportunities to receive study support are available in the Academic Resource Center (ARC) Sundays through Thursdays, 7–10 p.m.

Tutoring Services
Academic Resources provides free tutoring services for all Bethany Lutheran College students. Tutors are recruited and trained by the Director of Academic Resource Director to provide timely and effective content specific tutoring. Tutoring sessions are arranged by Academic Resources to best accommodate the schedules of both the tutor and the student. Students are able to request a tutor through the Academic Resources link.

Writing Center
The English Department of Bethany Lutheran College supports a Writing Center in conjunction with the Academic Resource Center (ARC) hours. Students may access writing coaches by making an appointment or by dropping in during ARC hours.