Academic Dress


Today’s graduates and faculty members are wearing ceremonial regalia that conform to traditions and practices of the academy. The graduates are wearing black gowns with an open pointed sleeve. Ceremony participants with advanced or terminal degrees wear gowns that represent their earned degree. Those holding a master’s degree wear a gown with an oblong sleeve, open at the wrist. The oblong shape is square cut in the back, with the front section tailored with an arc cut. Those who have earned a doctorate wear a gown distinguished by velvet trim on the front facings and three stripes on the sleeves. This trim may be black or may have color identifying the individual’s major field of academic achievement.

Ceremonial regalia also includes academic hoods. The size and cut of the academic hood indicates the level and type of degree an individual holds. The lining of the hood, in Bethany’s case red and white, indicates the school colors and the outer velvet trim indicates the bachelor of arts degree. As with the bachelor’s hood, the master’s and doctor’s hoods have the same color designations in the lining of the school where the degree was earned and velvet trim indicating the field in which the degree is held.

White   Arts, Letters, Humanities   Sage Green   Physical Education
Scarlet Theology Canary Library Science
Dark Blue Philosophy Olive Business
Pink Music Salmon Public Health
Brown Fine Arts Citron Social Work
Yellow Science Light Blue Education
Cream Social Science