Before You Apply

English Proficiency

International students seeking admission to Bethany Lutheran College need to meet English proficiency requirements. We offer three English support program tracks based on scores in any of the tests listed below.

In every program track, students enroll full-time and remain on schedule to graduate on time with a Bachelor’s degree in 4 years on campus. (Bethany Majors)

TOEFL Score must be at least... IELTS score must be at least... Duolingo score must be at least...
Accelerated 90 7 110
Standard 75 6.5 100
Extended 60 6 90

Also considered: STEP Eiken - minimum of Grade 2A; English Language School (ELS) - minimum score: 109; Global Language Institute, St. Paul, MN - must reach the accelerated level and be recommended for admission

Accelerated Track

Students who meet the language requirements of the Accelerated Track:

Standard Track

Students who meet the language requirements of the Standard Track:

Extended Track

Students who meet the language requirements of the Extended Track: 


Why Bethany?

Bethany could be a perfect fit for you to earn your Bachelor’s degree from an American accredited university-level institution. Are any of these qualities in a college important to you?

Bethany provides an English support plan.

Enrolling in a university level institution after full-time language school or a couple years of American high school can be a big transition. Our three-week, three-credit August course is designed to bridge that gap. International students have a chance to get settled and dig into their studies in a course titled “Orientation to American Higher Education.” By the time the fall semester begins, students are familiar with their new surroundings, university culture and expectations, and can begin the semester with confidence.

The three-week program also provides valuable input to help students enroll in their fall courses at the appropriate level. Bethany offers an additional six credits of English support during each semester to meet students’ needs. Students in this program also enroll in courses with American students and stay on schedule to graduate in four years. See our English proficiency requirement section for details on how we support students at a variety of proficiency levels. Our goal is to set you up for success.

Bethany is safe

Bethany is a safe, Christian environment. According to the annual official U.S. government security statistics, Bethany has had ZERO criminal offenses, hate crimes, or arrests on record since 2011 when the reporting begins. We encourage you to compare these numbers with other institutions you are considering. You will feel physically safe here at Bethany.

Bethany treats every student as an individual and not as number.

Bethany is a small college and we see that as our strength. You’ll be greeted by caring faculty and staff who know your name. Friendly IT services are ready to help you with your technology. Opportunities abound for participating in extracurricular activities, leadership roles, and more. For our size, we are very well-resourced. We care about our students at Bethany!

Bethany provides hands-on learning experiences to give students opportunities to apply what they have learned.

Bethany has optimal resources for hands-on learning in your major field or discipline. For example, our Communication and Media Arts departments have state-of-the-art facilities that allow students to film and produce television broadcasts that have won national awards.  Our dual degree engineering program majors have constructed catapults, instruments, and even boats! Whatever your major, Bethany wants you to be applying what you learn so that you have real world work experiences prior to earning your degree.

Bethany has a World Club for international students.

Bethany’s World Club supports international students and sponsors a number of cross-cultural learning opportunities. We would love for you to come and be a part! World Club helps all students at Bethany to learn more about each other, including our cultures, backgrounds, and traditions.