Vocal Viking

Vocal Viking November 1-2, 2013


The Vocal Viking offers the 11 standard AFA events in 3 groupings.  We are also proud to offer the Experimental Event, Forensics Event Proposal!  Groupings are as follows:

Group A:  Dramatic Duo, Extemp., Persuasion, POI
Group B:  Prose, Impromptu, Informative, Forensics Event Proposal*
Group C:  After Dinner, Communication Analysis, Drama, Poetry, Parliamentary Debate

Parliamentary Debate

The Vocal Viking will have four rounds of Parliamentary Debate with appropriate elimination rounds.  Students can enter debate and one other IE in Group C.  Enjoy your rhetorical crit and debate it too!


The tournament starts with two rounds of debate at 11:30 am on Friday, Nov. 1.  Group A of IEs begin at 2 pm.  Breakfast starts at 8 am on Saturday with awards scheduled for 6 pm or sooner.

Hotel Reservations

No hotel rooms have been blocked for this weekend.  If you have questions about hotels, please contact Jon Loging.

Entry Deadline

Please send your entry to Jon Loging by 5 pm on Monday, Oct. 28.  Fees will be assessed at noon on Tuesday, Oct. 29. 

*Experimental Event

Each year the schools of Minnesota select an experimental event to compete in for the Minnesota State Speech and Debate tournament.  The Bethany Speech Team supports the Minnesota Collegiate Forensics Association by allowing students to compete in this event in a tournament other than the State tournament.

No experimental event was selected by the Minnesota Collegiate Forensics Assocation for the 2013-2014 competition year. Therefore, the Vocal Viking created a unique event, Forensics Event Proposal!

This year's event is Forensics Event Proposal:  An original presentation by the student proposing an experimental event or substantial changes to an existing event for forensics competition. The proposal will include a detailed description of the event, how it would be implemented into a normal forensics tournament, and personal/educational benefits of the event. Brief samples or examples of the event should be included. Maximum time limit of 10 minutes.

The top three presentations will be presented to the MCFA as a possible event for the 2015 Minnesota State Tournament.