Using My Bethany Account

What is a Bethany account?

Bethany provides all student users with a number of computer and network accounts for the period of their enrollment. These include campus computer/network access and network storage account; any additional accounts required by certain courses or activities students participate in, and an e-mail account.

Do I get a Bethany network account?

Yes. All students receive a campus-wide username and password for computer and network access. Using this username and password, you can gain access to the Internet and a variety of campus network resources, including network printing, shared network storage drives, and a private network storage space (the U: drive) for saving documents and course materials.

Your username allows you to log into the computer labs and the public access computers. Your desktop and individual settings are stored on your U: drive, and should be loaded whenever you log in. You can store up to 1.5 GB of data on your network storage space, and 25 GB on your college-provided Google Drive.

Can I get more network storage space?

1.5 GB should be adequate for must students' academic needs. However, if you enroll in a class that requires large quantities of storage space (graphic design, for instance), we will increase your network storage limit.

Also, Google Drive comes with the Bethany Email Account. It has 25 GB of cloud storage to utilize and share between your Google Docs, Google+, and Google Drive (Google’s form of DropBox). All of which are contained within your Google account.

I forgot my password. Can I get a new one?

To have your password reset, you will need to come in person to the IT Office (Meyer Hall 203) during business hours. You will need a picture ID (your Bethany ID, or a driver’s license) to confirm your identity. If you cannot come to the IT Office, we can send a new password to you via postal mail. We will not reset passwords over the phone.

How do I change my password?

If you know your current password but need to change it, you can make the change at www.blc.edu/changepassword. If you don't know your current password, see the previous question.

Do I get an e-mail account?

Yes. We provide all students with an e-mail account. Your e-mail address will usually be firstname.lastname(at)blc.edu. We suggest that you check your mail regularly, as official campus mail will be sent to that address.

You can store up to 25 GB of messages and attachments in your mailbox.

Can I access my e-mail off campus?

Yes. Use your web browser to visit http://gmail.blc.edu. Most web browsers will work, but you will get extra functionality with Google Chrome.

Can I keep my e-mail account after I graduate?

Yes. After graduating from Bethany, you can keep your e-mail account indefinitely.

If you want to keep your e-mail account, either e-mail IT services, call the Help Desk at 411, or visit the IT office in person at Meyer Hall 203, and we will set it up for you. If you do not e-mail or visit by the 10th day of classes in the semester following your graduation, we will assume you do not wish to keep your account, and delete it.

Can I access my documents from off campus?

Yes, if your computer is running a relatively new operating system. Contact  IT services for instructions.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a service offered by Google to anyone with a Google account. This includes Gmail, and YouTube accounts. It is an online office suite that utilizes Google's Google Drive cloud storage to store documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and many other files.