Heritage Society

Bethany Lutheran College recognizes those businesses, families, and individuals who have supported the college over the years by an invitation to join the Heritage Society. This invitation is extended to anyone who has remembered Bethany as a beneficiary of their will, as a primary beneficiary of life insurance, who have remembered Bethany with an annuity or other type of planned gift, or who has given $15,000 or more to the college in their lifetime.

While many members of the Heritage Society are Bethany alumni, many are also friends of the institution who have grown to appreciate what the college stands for and the diligence with which the school passes on its priceless heritage.

Heritage Society members desire to pass on to the next generation something of lasting value — that value being the college’s spiritual dimension of the “One Thing Needful.” 

Heritage Society Members


Anderson, Mr.* Ernest
Anderson, Mr.* and *Mrs. Herman R.
Anderson, Mr. Keith
Anderson, Mrs.* Laurine
Anderson, Mr.* and Mrs.* M. Calvin J.
Anderson, Mr.* and Mrs.* Palmer O.
Anderson, Rev. Paul G.
Anderson, Mrs.* Tilda
Anthony, Dr. and Mrs. Willis E.
Arneson, Mrs. Isabel G.
Ask, Mr.* Leonard



Bachman, Mr. and Mrs. Art
Barry, Mr.* and Mrs.* Kenneth G.
Bartling, Rev.* Mark F.
Bartsh, Dr. and Mrs. Richard L.
Baumgartner, Mrs. Dorothy C.
Beck, Mr. and Mrs. Darwin L.
Becker, Miss* Charlotte F.
Becker, Mr. and Mrs. David J.
Becker, Rev. and Mrs. Vance
Bergquist, Mr. and Mrs. John E.
Birkholz, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel
Bloedel, Mr. and Mrs.* Carl H.
Bolstad, Mr.* Erling M.
Borck, Mrs.* Marjorie
Born, Mr. and Mrs. Silas
Bosin, Mr.* and Mrs. Duaine
Boubel, Drs. John and Karen
Bratsch, Mr.* Ervin E.
Breck, Mr.* and Mrs. Stafford A.
Bro, Mr.* and Mrs.* Harold
Browning, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E.
Bruss, Pres. and Mrs. Dan R.
Bruss, Mr. and Mrs. Jon C.
Bryant, Mrs.* Anna J.
Burgdorf, Rev. and Mrs. Lawrence
Burgdorf, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore C.
Busekist, Miss* Edna
Butt, Mr. Ellsworth A.
Butterfield, Mr. and Mrs. Michael



Caron, Mr. Thomas E
Chamberlin, Mr. Paul T.
Confer, Mrs.* Elizabeth
Crosby, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton



Daley, Ms. Evelyn K.
Daniels, Mr.* and Mrs. Allen O.
Davis, Mrs.* Hope Constance T.
Dickson, Mrs.* Ada
Dickson, Mr. Douglas
Diersen, Mr. and Mrs. William H.
Dorband, Mrs.* Wilma I.
Dorr, Mrs.* Jeanette Eleanor
Dow, Mrs.* Sophia
Drake, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas



Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Eidsvold, Mr.* Robert H. Sr.
Else, Mr.* Robert K. Sr.
Ewert, Mr. and Mrs. David



Fahning, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle
Faugstad, Mr. and Mrs. A. Norman
Faugstad, Mr.* Arnold O.
Faugstad, Mr.* and Mrs. Conrad O.
Faye, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher
Ferkenstad, Rev. and Mrs. Craig A.
Fick, Mr. and Mrs. Paul
Folven, Mr. and Mrs. James
Foss, Mrs. Barbara A.
Foster, Mr.* Paul M.
Frein, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry
Funte, Mrs.* Ruth
Furholmen, Mr. David



Geisler, Mr. David
Geistfeld, Rev. and Mrs. Ernest
Geistfeld, Mr.* and Mrs.* Victor
Gemeinhardt, Mr.* Oscar
Goetzke, Mr. Lester
Green, Mr. and Mrs. Allen W.
Griffin, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L.
Grob, Mr. A. Kenneth
Grosnick, Rev. Roger A.
Guldberg, Rev.* and Mrs. Gottfred F.
Gullixson, Margaret
Gullixson, Mr.* and Mrs. Walther C.



Hagen, Mr.* Einar
Handberg, Mr. and Mrs. Channing  Sr.
Handberg, Mr. David
Hansen, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald
Hansen, Dr. and Mrs. Harry E.
Hanson, Mr.* Howard
Harms, Mr.* Norman F.
Harstad, Mr.* and Mrs.* Adolph M.
Harstad, Prof. and Mrs. Mark O.
Harstad, Dr. and Mrs. Peter
Hausmann, Mr.* Wilfred
Hedrich, Mrs.* Ellen
Heidenreich, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Helland, Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. S.
Helland, Mr. and Mrs. Philip
Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Darlo Thomas
Holman, Mr. and Mrs. Albert M.
Holte, Pres. Em.* and Mrs. Norman S.
Holte, Mr.* Ole
Holzhueter, Mr. and Mrs. Paul
Honsey, Rev.* and Mrs. Rudolph E.
Hood, Mr. and Mrs. Philip R.
Hougan, Mr.* and Mrs. Howard M.
Hoverson, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle



Ihlenfeld, Mrs.* Margaret
Imm Bashour, Mrs. Val
Ingebretson, Mr.* and Mrs.Stanley
Ingebritson, Mr.* Herman M.
Iverson, Mr.* and Mrs.* Iler O.



Jaax, Mr.* Waldo
Jaeger, Mr. and Mrs. Steven C.
Jeppesen, Mr.* and Mrs. Paul
Johnson, Douglas and Lenore Else
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Joel
Johnson, Mr.* and Mrs. K. Walter
Johnson, Mrs.* Patty
Jungemann, Mr. and Mrs. Neil D.



Kessel, Dr. and Mrs. William B.
Kison, Mr. and Mrs. Alan H.
Knott, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Koch, Mr. Brian
Kragh, Dr.* and Mrs. Lyle V.
Krause, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C.
Kuster, Mr.* Arnold V.
Kuster, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A.



Lange, Mr.* and Mrs. Herman C.
Larson, Mr.* and Mrs. Donald A.
Lee, Ms.* Marie Elizabeth
Lehtola, Dr. Carol J.
Leidal, Mr. and Mrs. Knute H.
Lemke, Rev. and Mrs. Arnold E.
Lillegard, Miss Laura
Lillo, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A.
Loge, Mrs. Linda
Luckstein, Mr. and Mrs. Donald
Luecke, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G.
Luiken, Mr. and Mrs. Everett B.
Lussky, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R.
Luth, Mr.* R. Eugene
Lutz, Mr. and Mrs. Fred  Jr.


Madson, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M.
Madson, Mrs. Clarice
Madson, Mr. Douglas
Madson, Karen and Bina, Jim
Madson, Mr.* Paul M.
Madson, Rev. Paul G.
Mahnke, Mr. and Mrs. Donald V.
Marquardt, Mr. and Mrs. Philip
Maske, Mr.* and Mrs. Richard J.
Matheson, Mr.* Robert P.
Mathison, Rev. Ronald L.
McCulloch, Mr.* and Mrs.* Glenn S.
McMurdie, Rev.* and Mrs. William F.
Menke, Mr. and Mrs. James R.
Merseth, Mr. and Mrs. Juel
Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Joe P.
Meyer, Mr.* and Mrs. James L.
Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Joel F.
Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy W.
Meyer, Pres. Em. and Mrs. Marvin G.
Mickelsen, Dr. Leonhard P.
Mikkelson, Mrs.* Evelyn D.
Miles, Ms.* Madelyn E.
Moeller, Dr. David G.
Moldstad, Pres. and Mrs. John A.  Jr.
Moldstad, Rev. and Mrs. John A.  Sr.
Moldstad, Mrs.* Mary K.
Moore, Mr. and Mrs. John E.
Mueller, Mrs. Paula C.



Natvig, Mr. and Mrs.* Dennis O.
Nelson, Mr.* and Mrs. Carl F.
Newsom, Mr. and Mrs. John
Nickerson, Ms. Arlene
Nystrom, Mr.* Marvin T.



Odegaard, Mrs. Karen
Oeding, Mrs.* Anna M.
Ohlendorf, Rev. and Mrs. Ray R.
Olson, Mrs. Signe K.
Ordal, Mrs.* Esther M.
Orvick, Pres.Em. and Mrs. George M.
Otto, Miss Lois M.
Otto, Mrs.* Marjorie H.
Otto, Mr. and Mrs. Paul A.
Overn, Mr. and Mrs. William M.



Paggi, Mr. and Mrs. Michael J.
Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin C.
Pedersen, Mr.* Alvin H.
Pederson, Mrs.* Hazel
Petersen, Rev. and Mrs. John J.
Preus, Dr.* and Mrs. Robert D.



Rademacher, Mr. and Mrs. Warren
Radke, Mr. and Mrs.* Kenneth E.
Radloff, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M.
Randolph, Mr.* and Mrs. Paul H.
Reinertson, Mrs.* Enanda E.
Reinholtz, Mr. and Mrs. Roland
Reinholtz, Mr.* and Mrs. Stanley E.
Remus, Mr. Ted
Rettmer, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest
Rice, Ms.* Louise M.
Rood, Mr. and Mrs. Kletus W.
Rude, Mr. Nicholas G.
Runholt, Mr. and Mrs. David G.
Runquist, Mrs.* Marjorie H.



Santelman, Mr. and Mrs. Mark L.
Schartel, Mrs. Lola R.
Schey, Rev. and Mrs. Bernard J.
Schmidt, Alice J.
Schmidt, Rev. and Mrs.* Lawrence
Schmidt, Mr. Michael
Schmitt, Mr. and Mrs. Alec
Schneider, Mr. and Mrs. Scott D.
Schneider, Mr.* and Mrs.* Walter H.
Schol, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert P.
Schreier, Mr. and Mrs. Bradley J.
Schultz, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan
Schwan, Ms. Bonita
Schwan, Mr. Mark
Schwan, Mr.* and Mrs. Marvin
Schwartz, Mr. and Mrs. Arvid
Scislow, Mr. and Mrs. James D.
Seime, Mr.* and Mrs.* Karl J.
Shoop, Prof. and Mrs. Dean
Silber, Mrs.* Anna John
Silverstein, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Robert W.
Snilsberg, Mr.* Lee T.
Sonstegard, Mr.* and  Mrs.* Donald M.
Sorgatz, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar J.
Soule, Mr. and Mrs. Robert W.
Sponberg, Mr.* and Mrs. Raymond H.
Stelter, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace W.
Stille, Mr.* and Mrs.* Raymond A.
Stueck, Mr. Thomas C.
Sumrall, *Mr. and Mrs. Calhoun



Taber, Mrs. Goldie T.
Teigen, Col. and Mrs. David H.
Theiste, David and Beth Ann
Theiste, Mr. and Mrs. Harold A.
Thomforde, Mr. and Mrs. Charles R.
Thompson, Rev. and Mrs. David C.
Tillotson, Mrs. Kathleen
Timmerman, Mr.* and Mrs. M. B.
Tipton, Mr.* Harold
Tjernagel, Mr. and Mrs.*Sven L.
Tonn, Mr. Daniel E.
Tulee, Mr. and Mrs. Roy C.
Tweit, Mrs.* Dagny
Tweit, Mrs.* Delphine
Tweit, Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan
Tweit, Rev.* Milton E.
Tweit, Mr. and Mrs. Paul B.



Unseth, Mr. Allan
Unseth, Linda



Van Norstrand, Dr. and Mrs. Michael
Vinz, Mr. and Mrs. James D.
Vosbeck, Ms. Claudia F.



Wagner, Rev.* and Mrs. Alvin
Waldo, Mr.* and Mrs. Laird D.
Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Mark
Webber, Rev. and Mrs. Paul and Marta
Wehrenberg, Mrs. Eunice M.
Welsh, Mrs.* Saima M.
Wermedahl, Mr. and Mrs. Boyd C.
Werner, Paul W.
Weseloh, Mrs.* Lois C.
Weseloh, Mr. and Mrs. L. G.
Westphal, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P.
Wezler, Dennis Oberg and Dorothy A.
Wiechmann, Rev. and Mrs. Richard L.
Wiederhoeft, Mr. and Mrs. Keith D.
Wilson, Miss* Eleanor
Winsor, Mrs. Renata Rolf
Winther, Mr.* Anthony
Winther, Mrs.* Edna A.
Witte, Mr. and Mrs. Merlyn



Ylvisaker, Dr.* John R.
Younge, Mr. and Mrs. Gary L.
Younge, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J.



Zager, Rev. and Mrs. Paul R.
Zietlow, Mr. and Mrs. Donald

* the denoted people have been called to their eternal home.