Sociology Major

In Bethany’s sociology major, you will use scientific methods to analyze and understand contemporary American social structures, human social behavior, the organization and functioning of groups, and group behavior on a global level.

Ultimately, this program prepares you to apply your knowledge to improve society. In addition to learning research methods and becoming aware of social realities, the program addresses key issues regarding race, ethnicity, gender, age, education, and social class. To supplement your study of why groups act and react as they do, you will also gain the ability to work well with others, write and speak fluently, solve problems, and analyze information. Our major is unique because at a time when many Americans see social issues as relative, Bethany students are encouraged to view the issues from a Christian perspective. Browse our major requirements


Sociology graduates can move on to graduate studies or pursue jobs available in business and nonprofit institutions. Because sociology majors are trained in research methods, they are also qualified for positions in industry and government.

Potential job titles
• Case manager
• Demographer
• Corrections or probation officer
• Program developer
• Data analyst
• Social statistician

Potential Employers
• Adoption and child care agencies
• Halfway houses
• Community service agencies
• Health agencies
• Correctional institutions
• Peace Corps
• Environment advocacy groups
• Private foundations
• Federal, state, and local government
• Public opinion research polls

Sociology Profiles
Janessa Becker
Alumna Profile: Janessa Becker (2014)
Janessa is a case manager at Visiting Angels Living Assistance in Mankato, Minn.
Chelsea Dietsche
Alumna Profile: Chelsea Dietsche (2011)
Chelsea teaches English at La Iglesia Cristiana Luterana, a Lutheran mission in Linares, Chile.
Chelsea Dietsche
Study Abroad Profile: Chelsea Dietsche (2011)
Chelsea studied abroad in Cusco, Peru, in a volunteer and Spanish program.