Residential Life

With approximately 70% of our students living on campus, you'll find that residential life at Bethany is an essential part of a fulfilling collegiate experience. Living on campus is all about the people you meet and the time spent with friends both in and out of your dorms and apartments. Not only will you live close to other students, you'll also live minutes away from the many campus resources that encourage academic success and provide opportunities for involvement. Our students maintain a strong sense of community that creates rewarding experiences you'll remember for years afterwards.

Residence Halls

Anderson Hall
Edgewood Place
Gullixson Hall
Larson Hall
Teigen Hall
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Dining Services
Clubs and Organizations


Stephanie Ranthum '10 | history major and art history minor

"Living at Bethany was amazing and the campus is beautiful. Edgewood Place (nicknamed Edgewood Palace) is a gorgeous on-campus apartment building that I lived in for two years. I was never scared with regards to security issues because Bethany’s campus is such a safe environment. It was great to know and be friends with all my neighbors."

Andrew Soule '12  | history major

“One of my favorite campus activities is Spartan abs. This is a group that popped up on the fourth floor of Gullixson Hall. Every night at 10 p.m. we would all gather in the basement of Gullixson to have an intense workout lead by some of the ROTC guys. It’s pretty intense, but it’s awesome!”

Molly Erdman '10 | biology major

“I loved working on campus as an RA (resident assistant) during my junior year. On the Bethany campus it's easy to be a part of everything and get to know the other students. I wouldn’t change my Bethany experience for the world."


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