Zach Aker
Zach is currently a senior working onhis Capstone project. Explore his project blog.

Landon Brands
A second-year media arts major, Landon serves as the Director of Client Relations for Stone Path Studios.  
He keeps in contact with past, present, and prospective clients to ensure that they are receiving the best product possible. Landon assists organizations in identifying their target audience and developing a working budget, along with helping them consider different types of mediums.
Stephanie Erlandson
As a third-year media arts major, Stephanie works as the Executive Director of Stone Path Studios. She works with clients and personnel while supervising to keep productions on-time and on-budget. She is also responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company.

Aaron Evans
Making films was something I loved from an early age, but it wasn't until I came to Bethany that I realized I could pursue filmmaking as a career. I've always been fascinated by post-production, animation, and visual effects, and this inspired me to focus on motion design. The greatest learning experiences for me have been the time spent working on projects outside the classroom. Whether working with professors and students, or freelancing on projects for local and national businesses, the wide range of opportunities I've received to hone my skills has been what sets Bethany apart for me. After graduation, I would love to work for a design firm creating style frames or as a production assistant. Using design and moving images to help people share their stories and ideas is what makes me excited to be in this industry.

Kab Kaniess
I'm a student who tries to be involved in as much as possible. I've worked with Bethany's communication studio on the hockey broadcast and I've also created multiple short films during my years here. By taking the opportunity to work in all kinds of roles, I've discovered I enjoy editing the most. After winning Making the Cut, a national student editing competition, I realized the importance of the Bethany community and the value of collaboration in my creative process. Sharing a finished project with others is the greatest feeling, and I hope to continue doing this in my career after graduation.

Kab is currently a senior working on his senior project. Explore his project blog.

Breanna Londgren
Breanna is a media arts senior.