Media Arts Major Requirements

Bethany’s media arts major synthesizes the expertise of the communication professional with the aesthetic and creative sensibilities of the visual artist. As a result, our students are highly employable because they possess an intellectual skill set beyond the merely technical. Students are encouraged to explore a wide variety of media, from the traditional to the cutting edge, in order to discover creative and effective solutions for complex visual and communication tasks. Our graduates are also expected to have critically examined the role of the artist in society while considering the unique responsibilities of the Christian creative professional.

Program graduates demonstrate proficiency with a variety of media and technologies and are able to work independently and as part of a team to produce work that is original and meaningful. In addition to approaching visual communication challenges with creativity and insight, our graduates also gain professional written and verbal communication skills.

Entry into the Major

Each student is expected to formally apply for entry into the media arts major. This could be done at any time, but it is best if application is made before the end of the sophomore year. Entry into the major requires a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in all pre-major coursework.

A minimum of 42 upper division (300- and 400-level) credits is required to receive the B.A. degree from Bethany.

MART Major Application

MART Planning Guide

Core Requirements

Required lower division courses:

Historical Perspective:

Two of the following four courses:

Theoretical and Critical Analysis:

Two of the following three courses:

Required Capstone:

A senior project lecture and research course culminating in a public exhibition of the student's work.

Areas of Emphasis

I. Motion Graphics and Animation Emphasis

and three of the following:

III. Video Arts Emphasis

and four of the following:

Optional Internship

Application may be made through the media arts department for a program of practical experience.

Curricular Suggestions

Suggested General Education Coursework

These courses are recommended supplements to the Media Arts curriculum.

Suggested Additional Electives