English Major

Our English major fosters adaptability, crucial in today’s job market, wherein creative thinking, effective communication, and artful uses of language are in demand.

You will encounter a wide array of literature including fiction, poetry, and non-fiction from around the world and throughout history. This will lead you to understand how literature reveals the complexity of human nature and expression. You will also develop your critical and creative thinking skills, conduct original research, and learn to write effectively in a range of expressive modes. Read more.

Potential Careers
• Circulation
• Creative writing
• Editing/publishing
• Journalism
• Human resources
• Legal specialist
• Marketing
• Public relations
• Media/publicity
• Research

Student Profiles

"...most of all I'm really thankful for the community. The members of our honor society, Sigma Tau Delta, have formed a tight-knit group with a great atmosphere, and it's a lot of fun. It's also nice to have people at the ready who are willing to proofread and give feedback to both academic papers and personal creative writing. And finally, when it comes to writing that senior thesis, it's good to know that there are people who are going through the exact same process that you are, so you can help each other along the way.”
- Baylee Amy
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What sets us apart

Grad school prep
Capstone course
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Featured alumni

Anna Kempfert ('10) • English
Volunteer Coordinator for AmeriCorps Vista

Abigail Popp ('10) • English
Radio Personality for KDUZ/KARP Radio