Elementary Education Major Requirements

Entry into the Education Major

The liberal arts serve as a foundation on which students build their professional education sequence.

  1. Successful completion of 55 credits of general education core courses including EDUC200
  2. An application to the education major
  3. A one-page autobiographical essay
  4. A transcript that verifies a 2.75 GPA in the core education major classes
  5. A preliminary plan for matriculation through the major
  6. Submission of the portfolio begun in EDUC200 with additional entries from HIST207 and PSYC220
  7. Interview with a three-member committee from the education department
  8. A positive clinical experience report from EDUC200
  9. Passing Scores on the MTLE of Academic Skills in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics

General Education (Pre-Major) Requirements

The following courses must be taken PRIOR to taking any upper level education courses. A grade of C+ or higher must be obtained in each of these courses.

Professional Education Core Requirements

Middle School Endorsements

The following courses are required for middle school licensure:

Communication Arts and Literature


and a minimum of two of the following:


Social Studies

Lutheran Elementary School Certification Courses

(Consult with Director of Christian Education regarding course selection.)

Minnesota Licensure Requirements

  • Complete all standards based education courses with a C+ or above
  • Maintain 2.75 GPA
  • Successfully complete the Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA)
  • Pass the following tests:
    • MTLE: Academic Skills Assessments in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics
    • MTLE: Principles of Learning and Teaching K-6
    • MTLE: Subject matter/content K-6
    • MTLE: Middle School Content in endorsement discipline

Important requirements of all students completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education at Bethany Lutheran College:

  1. Complete the Human Relations/Diversity Component
  2. Complete all courses required for Minnesota State Licensure
  3. Satisfactory completion of Teaching Internship
  4. Satisfactory completion of STEEP and Professional Portfolio

Secondary Education Teaching Licensure Scope

Bethany’s secondary education teacher preparation program offers Minnesota state-approved teaching licensure in:

  • English (5-12) *See English, State of Minnesota Teaching Licensure in Communication Arts and Literature
  • Social Studies (5-12) *See Social Studies, State of Minnesota Teaching Licensure in Social Studies
  • Visual Arts (K-12) *See Studio Art, State of Minnesota Teaching Licensure in Visual Arts

Students major and take required licensure courses in Studio Art, Broad Field Social Studies, or English AND fulfill specified Education major requirements, including all “Entry into the Education Major” requirements as noted above.