Dining Services

The majority of students at Bethany live on campus, so a variety of dining choices is important. Bethany contracts its dining services with nationally-recognized college caterers, Pioneer Food Service. Pioneer, besides being our daily meal provider, also offers family and friends of students the ability to order a special treat for birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions. Browse the special order page to order birthday cakes, cookies, fruit, or care packages. 

Students and faculty take most of their meals at the Dining Center, where traditional meals are served buffet-style. The Viking Village Grill offers made-to-order items such as hamburgers, fried foods, malts, and soups.

Dining Center

Students generally take most of their meals at the Dining Center, a buffet-style establishment serving traditional dishes. On weekdays, three meals are provided; on weekends a brunch and regular dinner are served. A number of different meal plans are available; students may either eat here in the dining center or the Viking Village Grill just down the hall.

The Center includes three main buffets, a salad bar, cereal bar, sandwich bar, and multiple beverage dispensers. Most seating is available in the Great Room, which boasts large windows with a view of the campus, and a friendly atmosphere. A private dining room is available for meetings of up to 25 people. When the weather is pleasant, many students choose to eat at the outdoor tables.

Viking Village

When looking for a change of menu or venue, students often choose the Viking Village Grill for its made-to-order meals and sports bar atmosphere. After class or after dinner, you're likely to find students spending time in the Viking VIllage,hanging out with friends, working on homework or watching television.

The Lab

What was once a biology classroom is now "The Lab"— a coffeehouse run by students, for students. On April 8, 2003, The Lab opened its doors to Bethany students and staff, and made the student-born idea a reality.

The Lab provides additional space to display student art, converse, study, and is a cozy venue for student musical performances.

Working along with the Bethany Student Senate, volunteers helped to gut and redecorate the old classroom in Luther Hall, and now help operate Bethany's newest student establishment.