SOCL - Sociology Courses

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SOCL 101
3.00 cr.
Introduction to Sociology

This foundational class examines the structure of social groups and analyzes social interaction. Emphasis is given to sociological theories and methodologies, which help understand and explain human group behavior.

SOCL 105
3.00 cr.
Problems of Contemporary Society

The major social problems, which beset contemporary American society, are identified, examined and analyzed. The issues include inequality, health, education, poverty, family problems, crime, and substance abuse.

SOCL 201
3.00 cr.
Marriage and the Family

The social and cultural patterns of mate selection, marriage, and family interactions are investigated. The Christian perspective and communication in relationships throughout the life cycle are emphasized.

SOCL 235
3.00 cr.
Death and Dying

Human responses to death, dying, and bereavement are studied in the socio-cultural, interpersonal, and personal contexts. Funerals, suicide, euthanasia, and children's perceptions of death are among the topics discussed.

SOCL 240
3.00 cr.
Criminal Deviance and Justice

Criminal deviance and the social and legal process of defining crime and punishment are examined. Topics include crime types, criminal careers, theories of crime causation, and an introduction to crime control systems. Prerequisite: SOCL101 or SOCL105.

SOCL 250
3.00 cr.
Crossing Cultures in the USA

This course aims to equip students with skills and tools in the art of crossing cultures and to use American culture as the framework within which to practice. To do this, students will explore the orienting principles that guide cross-cultural understanding and the cultural dimensions that influence our everyday thinking and functioning. They will also gain knowledge of the underpinnings of American culture and study topics connected to everyday life and work. In the process, they will contemplate more deeply their own cultural framework and values. Ultimately, the student should be better prepared for future successful interactions with those of another culture living in China or abroad.

SOCL 289
3.00 cr.
International Study Tour

Course allows the student to travel to a specific country, selected by the professor and covers various aspects of the selected country or geographic area.

SOCL 320
3.00 cr.
Research Methods in Social Sciences

Knowledge of research design, its applications, and responsible conduct in research will be acquired through lecture, discussion, text reading, case study, and a research proposal. Analysis techniques will be introduced.

SOCL 330
3.00 cr.
American Minorities

The values, beliefs, demographics, and cultural patterns of American minorities and U.S. society are examined from historic and contemporary perspectives. Topics include race, ethnicity, gender, social economics, and disabilities.

SOCL 345
3.00 cr.
Religion and Society

The nature and role of religion in our increasingly diverse society are examined. The varieties of religious beliefs, forms and practices and the effect of religion on society are discussed.

SOCL 350
3.00 cr.
Aging in Society

The sociological, psychological and biological aspects of aging are examined. Contemporary theories of aging and the gerontology research being conducted today are introduced. (Cross-listed with PSYC330.)

SOCL 410
3.00 cr.
Sociological Theory

Subjects such as power, socialization, conflict, social order, and interpersonal relations are examined in terms of classical and contemporary sociological theories. Prerequisite: SOCL101 or SOCL105 or consent of instructor.

SOCL 430
3.00 cr.
Collective Behavior and Social Movements

Forms of collective behavior are analyzed and discussed. Topics include: crowds, crazes, public opinions, collective hysteria, panic, rumor transmission, social conflict and social change. Prerequisite: SOCL101 or SOCL105 or consent of instructor.

SOCL 440
3.00 cr.
Social Stratification

This class offers an overview of the causes, processes and consequences of social stratification in society. Attention is given to social inequalities rooted in social class structure, the organization of political power, and social hierarchies based on race and gender differences. Prerequisite: SOCL101 or SOCL105 or consent of instructor.

SOCL 480
3.00 cr.
Topics in Sociology

Topics of special interest are presented in a seminar format. Students are expected to participate in special research, classroom discussion and reporting. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

SOCL 489
3.00 cr.
International Study Tour

Course allows the student to travel to a specific country, selected by the professor, and covers various aspects of the selected country or geographic area.

SOCL 499
2.00 cr.
Sociology Internship

Sociology-related field experience with an approved agency fulfilling an individual learning contract negotiated between student, department, Internship Coordinator, and worksite. Sociology majors only. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.