Clubs and Organizations Recognition

Student Activity Group Recognition

The Bethany Lutheran College Student Senate encourages students to form Student Activity Groups on campus. Student Activity Groups includes organizations, clubs, and events. To form a new student club, organization, or event please download Student Activity Groups Recognition Process form, complete it, and submit it to the Student Senate.

Students looking to receive yearly re-recognition for their pre-existing club, organization, or event may download the same packet and submit their completed version to the Student Senate. The deadline for student club, organization, and event re-recognition is October 1st of each year.

Student Club and Organization Funding Requests

Recognized student clubs and organizations have the privilege of requesting funding from the Student Senate in order to meet the needs of their club or organization. The Student Senate will hear financial requests for pre-existing Student Clubs or Organizations at the beginning of each quarter. The Student Senate will hear financial requests for newly formed Student Clubs or Organizations at any time.

Download the Student Organization Funding Request Packet